Media Roundup for October 2018

News Articles

  1. Uribe using lies to discredit criminal investigation: Supreme Court judges, Adriaan Alsema, Colombia Reports
  2. Worker Co-ops catch on in Philadelphia, Sandra Larson, Next City
  3. US and Canada reach trade deal to keep Nafta trilateral, Jenny Leonard, Josh Wingrove and Jennifer Jacobs, Bloomberg
  4. Meet the new NAFTA, almost the same as the old NAFTA but with a different name, Jeet Heer, The New Republic
  5. Kavanaugh will not return to teach at Harvard Law School, The Harvard Crimson
  6. Kyrie Irving on flat-Earth comments: ‘I’m sorry’, Fox Sports
  7. Amazon to raise minimum hourly wage for all US workers to $15, Karen Weise, The New York Times
  8. Amazon’s $15 political insuranceWall Street Journal
  9. That sign telling you how fast you’re driving may be spying on you, Justin Rohrlich, Quartz
  10. Organización judía denuncia a Macri por escribir tuit “inspirado” en Hitler, El Espectador
  11. Kyrie Irving says he plans on re-signing with Celtics, Amina Hussein, ESPN
  12. ‘People’ aren’t divided on Kavanaugh’s confirmation. White people are, Anne Branigin, The Root
  13. Millennial men and women are divided on race and gender issues, new poll finds, Matt Berman, BuzzFeed
  14. More than 250 people around the world have died taking selfies since 2011, Doug Criss, CNN
  15. Firing back at Trump in the trade war with tariffs aimed at his base, Eduardo Porter and Karl Russell, The New York Times
  16. China unbound: what an emboldened China means for the world, William Dobson, NPR
  17. Brett Kavanaugh confirmed to Supreme Court, Clare Foran and Stephen Collinson, CNN
  18. Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation will delegitimize the Supreme Court — and that’s good, Matthew Yglesias, Vox
  19. Of demagogues and pedagogues, Bret Stephens, The New York Times
  20. Brazil election heads to runoff as far-right candidate falls just short of outright win, Ernesto Londoño and Manuela Andreoni, The New York Times
  21. Did the Saudis murder Jamal Khashoggi?, Robin Wright, The New Yorker
  22. Pressure on Saudis after disappearance of dissident in Istanbul, Martin Chulov, The Guardian
  23. Proponen ampliar a cinco años periodo presidencial, El Espectador
  24. Brazil’s Bolsonaro-led far right wins a victory far more sweeping and dangerous than anyone predicted. Its lessons are global, Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept
  25. Bill Maher blames ‘social justice warriors’ for Kavanaugh confirmation, Marlow Stern, The Daily Beast
  26. The dark side of American conservatism has taken over, Max Boot, The Washington Post
  27. ‘A Fajardo hay que preguntarle si quiere separarse del proyecto de Uribe’, Semana
  28. Sen. Lindsey Graham, top Trump ally, warns on ties if Saudi state murdered journalist Khashoggi, Juan Cole, Informed Comment
  29. Bulgarian reporters investigating misuse of EU funds murdered, Theodor Troev and Kerin Hope, Financial Times
  30. Kingdom Crackdown, Sarah Aziza, The Intercept
  31. Rompe el silencio la esposa de exparamilitar que acusa a Álvaro Uribe, Silvia Charry, Blu Radio
  32. How Real Estate segregated America, Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, Dissent
  33. ‘She just ended her career’: Taylor Swift’s political post sparks praise and fury, Erin Durkin, The Guardian
  34. Peru opposition leader Keiko Fujimori held on graft charges, John Quigley, Bloomberg
  35. Moa do Katendê: Os minutos que antecederam o assassinato de mestre de capoeira esfaqueado após discussão política, Victor Uchôa, BBC
  36. Brazil’s far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro is having a bad day, Bruce Douglas and Aline Oyamada, Bloomberg
  37. The Brazilian nostalgia for dictatorship, Frederico Freitas, Current Affairs
  38. What to expect from Jair Bolsonaro, Brian Winter, Americas Quarterly
  39. Antiprogresismo: Un fantasma que recorre América Latina, Pablo Stefanoni, Nuso
  40. Privatizar la educación es negar la posibilidad de superar las inequidades, Sergio Saavedra, Pares
  41. 53K Georgia voter registration applications on hold with Kemp’s office: report, Emily Birnbaum, The Hill
  42. Robotic bees could pollinate plants in case of insect apocalypse, Daniel Boffey, The Guardian
  43. Islam and the West: Reflecting on Nicholson’s and Hamid’s recent conversation, Wilson Shirley, Providence
  44. Deported parents may lose kids to adoption, Garance Burke and Martha Mendoza, AP
  45. Death of detained opposition leader shakes up Venezuelan politics, Hugo Pérez Hernáiz, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  46. George W. Bush, Mitt Romney to visit Arizona to boost Martha McSally, Brett Samuels, The Hill
  47. Supreme Court lets North Dakota’s GOP’s voter ID law take effect in a blow to Native American voters, Stephen Wolf, Daily KOS
  48. ¿Por qué las universidades privadas también se unieron a la marcha?, Sebastián Forero Rueda, El Espectador
  49. Opciones naranja, Francisco Gutiérrez Sanín, El Espectador
  50. Senators push vote to block Saudi arms sals after Khashoggi disappearance, Elana Schor, Politico
  51. Facebook purged over 800 accounts and pages pushing political messages for profit, Elizabeth Dwoskin and Tony Romm, Los Angeles Times
  52. The Good Place is really about rethinking policing and prisons, Noah Berlatsky, The Verge
  53. ‘We’ve got a Latino problem’: Dems fret midterm turnout in key House districts, Elena Schneider, Politico
  54. How ‘should’ you decide on Question One?, Jerold Duquette, Mass Politics Prof
  55. Call of the day: Don’t rule out $400 oil if the US sanctions Saudi Arabia, Shawn Langlois, Market Watch
  56. Trump says ‘rogue killers’ may be involved in Saudi journalist case, Eileen Sullivan, The New York Times
  57. How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other progressives are defining the midterms, Irina Aleksander, Vogue
  58. Nate Silver will make one firm prediction about the midterms. Most journalists won’t want to hear it, Margaret Sullivan, The Washington Post
  59. El Centro Democrático y Bolsonaro, Sara Tufano, El Tiempo
  60. The former president of Iran quoted Tupac to troll the US, Hayes Brown, BuzzFeed
  61. Ten reasons why you should go out and vote on November 6 (and vote Republican), Ben Shapiro, Fox News

Radio Interviews and Podcasts

  1. From Nation State to Empire State: A radical history of how we got to Trump, Intercepted
  2. ‘Mi vida y el periodismo son la misma cosa’: Coronell, W Radio
  3. Three Miles, This American Life

YouTube Videos

1. Jalen Rose explains downside to Kyrie Irving re-signing with Boston Celtics

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Media Roundup for September 2018

News Articles

  1. Piden investigar a Uribe y otros exgobernadores de Antioquia por las Convivir, BLU Radio
  2. ¿Quien gobierna?, Ariel Ávila, Pares
  3. Colombia charges 13 former Chiquita executives over hundreds of murders, Adriaan Alsema, Colombia Reports
  4. Marco Rubio: US military intervention could solve Venezuelan crisis, Ramsey Touchberry, Newsweek
  5. Lana Del Rey postpones Israel concert following backlash, al-Jazeera
  6. Bob Woodward’s new book reveals a ‘nervous breakdown’ of Trump’s presidency, Philip Rucker and Robert Costa, The Washington Post
  7. Transcript: Phone call between President Trump and journalist Bob Woodward, Aaron Blake, The Washington Post
  8. Dems interrupt Kavanaugh hearing asking that it be adjourned, Jordain Carney, The Hill
  9. Nike reignited the Kaepernick controversy in naming him the face of ‘Just Do It’, Jane Coaston, Vox
  10. On Colin Kaepernick’s Nike ad: Will the revolution be branded?, Dave Zirin, The Nation
  11. Pressley takes down incumbent Dem Capuano in Massachusetts primary, Lauren Dezenski and David Siders, Politico
  12. Rachel Rollins wins nod for Suffolk County District Attorney, Andy Metzger, WGBH
  13. Down the ballot, liberal reformers take over the criminal justice system, David Weigel, The Washington Post
  14. Donald Trump inaccurately describes libel law, Louis Jacobson, Politifact
  15. Region forges agreements on Venezuelan migration, David Smilde, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  16. Candidate’s ‘decline to prosecute’ list alarms cops, Alexi Cohan and Brooks Sutherland, Boston Herald
  17. ‘No mistakes in politics,’ Boston Mayor Marty Walsh says as primary losses follow high-profile endorsements, Gintautas Dumcius, Mass Live
  18. Dallas officer enters apartment she mistakes for her own, fatally shoots man inside, Erik Ortiz and Jareen Imam, NBC News
  19. Bernie Sanders to introduce legislation to tax Amazon, Walmart for workers’ welfare benefits, Sean Higgins, Washington Examiner
  20. Trump administration discussed coup plans with rebel Venezuelan officers, Ernesto Londoño and Nicholas Casey, The New York Times
  21. Trump administration met with Venezuelan military coup plotters, Geoff Ramsey, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  22. La murga de Panamá, Daniel Coronell, Semana
  23. Crece presión para firmar moción de censura contra Carrasquilla, El Tiempo
  24. How the Great Recession turned America’s student-loan problem into a $1.5 trillion crisis, Jillian Berman, Market Watch
  25. Iran develops a $5 billion weapon to fight sanctions, Benoit Faucon, The Wall Street Journal
  26. Seventeen years after Sept. 11, al-Qaeda may be stronger than ever, Nabih Bulos, Los Angeles Times
  27. Venezuela to unveil plan allowing people to trade currency, Fabiola Zerpa and Andrew Rosati, Bloomberg
  28. Police: Faneuil Hall kidnapping suspect offered parents money to ‘buy’ their daughter, tried to drag her away, Owen Boss, WHDH
  29. Feeling queasy about Charlie Baker’s endorsement of Trump-loving Geoff Diehl, Joan Vennochi, The Boston Globe
  30. Can a Democracy unseat Massachusetts’ popular GOP governor?, Bob Salsberg,
  31. Dozens of Venezuelans in Peru seek to return home despite crisis, Marco Aquino, Reuters
  32. Boston’s new luxury towers appear to house few Bostonians, Tim Logan, The Boston Globe
  33. Bolton to label International Court ‘illegitimate’, Emily Birnbaum, The Hill
  34. GOP candidate for Florida Gov. spoke at events organized by white race war theorist, Willa Frej, The Huffington Post
  35. Con tutela, Uribe busca retractación de PetroEl Tiempo
  36. Lindsey Graham told Trump to assassinate Kim Jon Un with Chinese help, Woodward book claims, David Brennan, Newsweek
  37. US weighs sanctions against Chinese officials over Muslim detention camps, Edward Wong, The New York Times
  38. Homeland Security shifted $10 million from FEMA for immigrant crackdown, senator says, Nick Visser and Roque Planas, The Huffington Post
  39. Detention of migrant children has skyrocketed to highest levels ever, Caitlin Dickerson, The New York Times
  40. Carrasquilla también tendrá que explicar negocios con Saludcoop: senador Robledo, Blu Radio
  41. La mayoría de ausentes de la Farc vienen de las zonas de disidencias, Juanita Vélez, La Silla Vacia
  42. Duque ha dado poca mermelada en puestos pero la que dio es uribista, Tatiana Duque, La Silla Vacia
  43. Las críticas de María Fernanda Cabal a la cúpula militar y al presidente Duque, El Espectador
  44. Mauricio Macri, el “salvador” al que le fallaron sus promesas, El Espectador
  45. There’s a new No. 1 among 2020 Democrats, Chris Cillizza and Harry Enten, CNN
  46. The irrelevance of Trump: America was a plutocratic nat’l security state and still is, Andrew J. Bacevich, Informed Comment
  47. Nikki Haley’s view of New York is priceless. Her curtains? $52,701, Gardiner Harris, The New York Times
  48. Missing wages, grueling shifts, and bottles of urine: The disturbing accounts of Amazon delivery drivers may reveal the true human cost of ‘free’ shipping, Hayley Peterson, Business Insider
  49. The inequality industry, Atossa Araxia Abrahamian, The Nation
  50. Maduro gets help from China, David Smilde, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  51. France admits torture during Algeria’s war of independence, al-Jazeera
  52. Prosecutor: Border Patrol agent charged with murdering 4, Juan A. Lozano, AP
  53. Judge rules DeVos of Obama-era student loan rules ‘unlawful’, Michael Stratford, Politico
  54. If Jeff Bezos wants to help low-income people why not just pay them better?, Marina Hyde, The Guardian
  55. Howard Zinn’s anti-textbook, Sam Wineburg, Slate
  56. What does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez think about the South China Sea?, Daniel Bessner, The New York Times
  57. Voters are ready for a Green New Deal. Are Democrats?, Eric Levitz, NY Magazine
  58. Colombia protests incursions from Venezuelan soldiersReuters
  59. Colombia: todas las opciones valen para Venezuela, Luis Alonso Lugo, AP
  60. Estados Unidos debe apoyar a Colombia, Marco Rubio, Efe Doc Analysis
  61. The threat to democracy isn’t coming from its people, Jamelle Bouie, Slate
  62. Supreme Court orders disclosure for dark money, as new report unveils some donors, Peter Overby, NPR
  63. North and South Korea commit to ‘era of no war’, Joshua Berlinger and Yoonjung Seo, CNN
  64. ¿Era el nazismo un movimiento de izquierda o de derecha?, BBC
  65. How YouTube communities are creating ‘pathways of radicalization’ toward white supremacist ideas, Jack Smith IV, Mic
  66. 1 year after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Ricans march in South End, Jenna Fisher, Patch
  67. Crude Realities: Understanding Venezuela’s economic collapse, Francisco Rodriguez, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  68. Married men are earning much more than others in America, Jeff Green, Bloomberg
  69. Only one party from 2015’s MUD survives the government’s purge, Eugenio Martinez, Caracas Chronicles
  70. Las guerras de Antioquia y sus gobernantes, Ariel Ávila, Semana
  71. Las pruebas para acusar a dos personas por compra de votos en favor de Cabal, Semana
  72. Thoughts and prayers: The NRA is bleeding money, Frank Dale, Think Progress
  73. Kavanaugh’s lesson for Democrats is that it’s always worth a fight, Sean McElwee, The Huffington Post
  74. Uribistas exigen a Caracol renuncia de Mónica Rodríguez por “ataques” a Uribe, PubliMetro
  75. Colleges don’t need more Republican professors, Eric Levitz, NY Magazine
  76. Jason Miller leaves CNN after claim he once spiked drink with abortion pill, Matt Shuham, Talking Points Memo
  77. As aid checks go out, farmers worry bailout won’t be enough, NBC News
  78. Trump now plans to keep US troops in Syria until Iran gets out, which means America may never leave, John Haltiwanger, Business Insider
  79. 6 siblings of an Arizona Congress member endorse his opponent in attack ads, Emily Stewart, Vox
  80. Centro Democrático radica proyecto para acabar Corte Suprema y Constitucional para crear supercorte, Noticias Caracol
  81. Finlandia: cómo la igualdad de oportunidades para ricos y pobres ayudó a que el país nórdico se convirtiera en referencia mundial en educación, Claudia Wallin, BBC
  82. US military official: no plans for Venezuela military intervention, Reuters
  83. Talk of US military intervention in Venezuela suddenly gains traction, Matthew Bristow, Bloomberg
  84. Venezuela targeted sanctions update: US appears to give up on inner circle split, Geoff Ramsey, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  85. Economic Freedom of the World: 2018 Annual Report, Fraser Institute
  86. China reveals its new party line: We’re trying to save the world from the US, Yen Nee Lee, CNBC
  87. Flake says he’ll vote to confirm KavanaughBloomberg
  88. You gave Facebook your number for security. They used it for ads, Gennie Gebhart, Electronic Frontier Foundation
  89. Judge: Pence’s gubernatorial office must turn over emails with Trump about Carrier jobs, Tal Axelrod, The Hill
  90. George W. Bush called undecided senators to sway them to vote for Kavanaugh: report, Aris Folley, The Hill
  91. GOP lawmaker’s campaign shares meme comparing Ford to Hillary Clinton, Aris Folley, The Hill
  92. What the crisis in Venezuela reveals, Richard N. Haass, Project Syndicate
  93. Senadores de EEUU piden designar a Venezuela como país patrocinador de terrorismo, Efecto Cocuyo
  94. Lengua embrollada y falaz, Beatriz Vanegas Athías, El Espectador
  95. Egyptian woman Amal Fathy jailed for sexual harrasment video, Ruth Michaelson, The Guardian
  96. Ouch, this statement did not age well, Adam Isacson, Blog
  97. La irresponsabilidad de llamar a una guerra contra Venezuela, Víctor de Currea-Lugo, ¡Pacifista!
  98. Mother of two punches Lindsay Lohan over ‘child abduction’ bid, The Tribune
  99. America is not an innocent bystander in Yemen, Steven A. Cooks, Foreign Policy
  100. European markets fall after Italy’s deficit-widening budget plans, Richard Partington, The Guardian
  101. Is the struggle with Islam reshaping the modern world? An interview with Shadi Hamid, Robert Nicholson, Providence

Radio Interviews and Podcasts

  1. Outlining the left wing of the Democratic Party with Sean McElweeWhy Is This Happening with Chris Hayes


  1. En busca de Bolívar por William Ospina. Bogotá: Editorial Norma.


1. What a Social Wealth Fund could do for Americans

2. Ser afro es llevar siempre las de perder

3. Peter Thiel on Trump, Gawker and leaving Silicon Valley

4. Cameron Kasky, before and after the Parkland Shooting

5. Ending inequality!? What does real equality look like?

6. Laci Green talks feminism, social justice warriors, leaving Mormonism

7. If Dr. Ford acted like Kavanaugh…

8. Why we say “OK”

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Media Roundup for August 2018

Newspaper Articles

  1. Polling the left agenda, Data for Progress
  2. The radical left’s agenda is more popular than the mainstream GOP’s, Eric Levitz, New York Magazine
  3. Odebrecht demandó al Estado colombiano por 3.8 billones de pesos, Semana
  4. La masacre que quiere esconder José Félix Lafaurie II, Ariel Ávila, Semana
  5. Venezuela eases currency controls amid economic meltdown, Patricia Laya and Andrew Rosati, Bloomberg
  6. Por qué en Colombia se necesitan 11 generaciones para salir de la pobreza y en Chile 6, BBC
  7. California says Starbucks has to stop stealing its workers’ wages, Michael Arria, Salon
  8. A history of Islamic Spain counters centuries of romantic myths, Tanjil Rashid, Financial Times
  9. El fallido atentado contra Maduro “deja en evidencia las intenciones de EE.UU. y la oposición”, RT
  10. Transit Union refuses to bring white nationalists to ‘Unite the Right’ rally, Erin Corbett, Fortune
  11. Wife of former Marine to be deported to Mexico Friday, after 20 years in USCBS News
  12. Facebook to Banks: Give us your data, we’ll give you our users, Emily Glazer, Deepa Seetharaman and Anna Maria Andriotis, The Wall Street Journal
  13. Trump signs order reimposing sanctions on Iran – a move the EU said it ‘deeply’ regrets, Andrew Buncombe, The Independent
  14. The Right’s Straw Left, Ben Judah, The American Interest
  15. Instalan vallas de apoyo a Álvaro Uribe en Antioquia, Óscar Andrés Sánchez, El Colombiano
  16. Capuano still leads closely watched Massachusetts primary, Lauren Dezenski, Politico
  17. ¿Qué son las Águilas Negras?, Ariel Ávila, Pares
  18. Iván Duque consultó su discurso de posesión con Álvaro Uribe, según Darcy Quinn, Voces
  19. WOLA experts interpret Venezuela drone attack, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  20. El primer día de la oposición, El Espectador
  21. Uribe explicó por qué no va a estar con la consulta anticorrupción, El Tiempo
  22. Cómo habla el uribismo en privado, Noticias Uno
  23. Nunes tape proof ‘irredeemable’ GOP needs to be defeated, Morgan Gstalter, The Hill
  24. Tennessee parents push back on law requiring ‘In God We Trust’ motto be displayed in public schools, Aris Folley, The Hill
  25. All bet(o)s are off: Cruz asks ‘sniveling coward’ Trump to campaign for him, Kate Riga, Talking Points Memo
  26. Police under fire for ‘bait truck’ full of shoes left in black Chicago neighborhood, Sofie Werthan, Slate
  27. Uribe turns against Colombia’s anti-corruption referendum, Shane Cassidy, Colombia Reports
  28. El adiós a Santos, el reformista II, Ariel Ávila, El Pais
  29. Data shows a surprising campus free speech problem: left-wingers being fired for their opinions, Zack Beauchamp, Vox
  30. Judge halts deportation of mother and daughter, threatens to hold Sessions in contempt, Grace Segers, CBS News
  31. Trump doubles metal tariffs on Turkey as lira falls by 20%, BBC
  32. YPG to stop demographic change, will target new settlers in Afrin, Helbast Shekhani, Kurdistan 24
  33. DNC under fire from environmental groups for reversing ban on fossil fuel donations, Mark Hand, Think Progress
  34. U.S. teachers’ union urges pensions to cut investment in private prisons, Svea Herbst-Bayliss, Reuters
  35. Post-drone attack crack down underway, David Smilde, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  36. What Happens to #MeToo When a Feminist Is the Accused?, Zoe Greenberg, The New York Times
  37. The Koch Brothers commissioned a survey of Americans and found most like a $15 minimum wage, free colledge and universal health care, Nick Surgey and Zaid Jilani, The Intercept
  38. Meet Gustavo Petro, Colombian former guerrilla and leftist who mounted historic campaign for presidency, Democracy Now!
  39. Colombia President Duque’s 5 ‘hot potatoes’, Ángela Olaya, Ronna Rísquez and Mayra Alejandra Bonilla, InSight Crime
  40. Condenan a José Miguel Narváez a 30 años de cárcel por el crimen de Jaime Garzón, Semana
  41. In race for Suffolk DA, residency questions swirl, Maria Cramer, The Boston Globe
  42. Netanyahu secretly met with Egypt’s Sissi to discuss Gaza, Noa Landau and Amos Harel, Haaretz
  43. Ernesto Macías pide investigar a chamanes que habrían provocado los vientos en la posesión de Duque, Publimetro
  44. Jason Kessler and ‘Unite the Right 2’ crew arrive in DC aboard ‘Special’ subway train, Southern Poverty Law Center
  45. Union calls for firing of Metro GM after claims of special treatment for white nationalists at rally, Fox 5
  46. Ilhan Omar, a progressive Muslim woman, wins Minnesota primary for Keith Ellison’s House seat, Tara Golshan, Vox
  47. An 11-year-old hacked a replica of Florida’s voting system in 10 minutes, Jennie Neufeld, Vox
  48. Elizabeth Warren has a plan to save capitalism, Matthew Yglesias, Vox
  49. Ben Carson wants to roll back an Obama-era Fair Housing rule, Dominique Mosbergen, The Huffington Post
  50. Olvidos, Francisco Gutiérrez Sanín, El Espectador
  51. ¿Otro agarrón entre Colombia y Venezuela?, El Espectador
  52. From two states to one: Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib shifts position on Israel, Alison Kaplan Sommer, Haaretz
  53. 2017 was a great year for CEOs. Not so much for the average worker, Alexia Fernández Campbell, Vox
  54. Inside the coup plotting before the Venezuela drone assassination attempt, Andrew Rosati and Ethan Bronner, Bloomberg
  55. Border inspector, former ICE agent face felony cases in California, Dennis Romero, NBC News
  56. Kofi Annan, former UN secretary general, dies, Chris Johnston, The Guardian
  57. Brazil’s Lula should have political rights – UN Human Rights Committee, The New York Times
  58. ‘Delitos sexuales no van a quedar impunes en la JEP’: Linares, El Tiempo
  59. Kyrie Irving to be honored by Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in ceremony, Chris Forsberg, ESPN
  60. Democrats complain about Green Party ‘spoilers,’ but few in Congress back a solution: ranked-choice voting, Zaid Jilani and Briahna Gray, The Intercept
  61. One of the strongest progressives in Congress is facing a primary challenger invoking identity and change. Will she unseat him?, Lee Fang and Zaid Jilani, The Intercept
  62. Company denied black woman job because her name was ‘ghetto,’ email says, Aris Folley, The Hill
  63. Brazilian border town residents drive out Venezuelan immigrants, Anthony Boadle, Reuters
  64. Boston area lands on list of places where middle class can no longer afford homes, CBS Boston
  65. Health care is one of the nation’s biggest problems: Polls, Tami Luhby, CNN
  66. Venezuela rolls out new currency amid rampant hyperinflation, al-Jazeera
  67. Bomb that killed 40 children in Yemen was supplied by the US, Nima Elbagir, Salma Abdelaziz, Ryan Browne, Barbara Arvanitidis and Laura Smith-Spark, CNN
  68. Paul Manafort found guilty on eight counts, Katelyn Polantz, Dan Berman, Marshall Cohen and Liz Stark, CNN
  69. Donald Trump’s attorney and fixer Michael Cohen pleads guilty to 8 federal counts, Ryan Lucas and Tamara Keith, NPR
  70. Erik Prince goes on Fox & Friends to appeal to Trump to privatize Afghanistan War, Colby Hall, Mediaite
  71. Saudi Arabia seeks its first death penalty against a female human rights activist, Emma Graham-Harrison, The Guardian
  72. Venezuelans grapple with Maduro’s baffling New Economic Plan, Andrew Rosati and Fabiola Zerpa, Bloomberg
  73. Centro Democrático presentará proyecto para aumentar el salario mínimo, El Tiempo
  74. Pelosi says impeachment ‘not a priority’ after Cohen’s guilty plea, Emilyl Birnbaum, The Hill
  75. Newt Gingrich suggests slain Iowa student could help GOP in midterms, Michael Burke, The Hill
  76. Mollie Tibbetts’ murder adds fuel to immigration debate, Tamar Lapin, NY Post
  77. Jeff Sessions: US attorney general hits back at Trump, BBC
  78. Popularidad de Iván Duque es del 41%, según Yanhaas, Alfonso Rico Torres, RCN Radio
  79. ¿Qué es eso de la ‘personería jurídica’ que tiene tan bravo a Gustavo Petro?, Juan Pablo Sepúlveda, Pacifista!
  80. The Trump Organization’s CFO flipping may be the worst one yet, Heather Timmons and Adam Pasick, QZ
  81. Sen. John McCain to discontinue brain cancer treatment, family says, Benjamin Siegel and Stephanie Ebbs, ABC News
  82. ‘Incredible’: New poll that shows 70% of Americans support Medicare for All includes 84% of Democrats and 52% of Republicans, Julia Conley, Common Dreams
  83. John McCain opened Pandora’s box – Sarah Palin came out, but Trump was right behind her, David Smith, The Guardian
  84. Far-right rallies in Germany descend into violence, Jen Kirby, Vox
  85. Andrew Gillum wins Florida governor primary in upset victory for the left, Dylan Scott, Vox
  86. Cuando no hay dinero en las urnas, el Caribe no vota: Petro, El Heraldo
  87. Trump accuses Google of ‘rigged’ search results for news, Ben Popken, NBC News
  88. ‘They’re liquidating us’: AT&T continues layoffs and outsourcing despite profits, Michael Sainato, The Guardian
  89. DeSantis says Florida voters would ‘monkey this up’ if they elect Gillum as governor, John Wagner, The Washington Post
  90. Trump hits Gillum: Florida doesn’t need ‘failed Socialist Mayor’ as governor, Emily Birnbaum, The Hill
  91. Dem House candidate says she’ll file Clarence Thomas impeachment resolution if elected, Emily Birnbaum, The Hill
  92. Former Harry Reid staffer hits Schumer for deal fast-tracking judicial confirmations, Emily Stewart, Vox
  93. Gillum’s campaign raises over $1 million the day after winning Democratic nominee, Max Greenwood, The Hill
  94. Trump administration revoking passports and deporting citizens who happen to be Hispanic, Ed Kilgore, NY Magazine
  95. The US warns it might resume drills with South Korea after talks with the North stall, Vera Bergengruen, BuzzFeed
  96. Bank of America freezing accounts of customers suspected of not being US citizens, Rob Wile, The Sacramento Bee
  97. Glenn Greenwald, the bane of their resistance, Ian Parker, The New Yorker
  98. NYT op-ed: How Colombia can show compassion for Venezuelans and keep the peace process on track, Geoff Ramsey, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  99. Venezuelan refugees are miserable. Let’s help them out, Geoff Ramsey and Gimena Sánchez-Garzoli, The New York Times
  100. America’s real economy: it isn’t booming, Peter Georgescu, Forbes
  101. Western officials ignored Myanmar’s warning signs of genocide, Justin Lynch, Foreign Policy
  102. Florida GOP gubernatorial nominee was admin of racist Facebook group, Elham Khatami, Think Progress
  103. Post-primary Dem poll shows Gillum leading DeSantis in Florida, Max Greenwood, The Hill
  104. Trump personally lobbying GOP senators to flip on Sessions, Eliana Johnson and Elana Schor, Politico
  105. The legacy of Black Reconstruction, Robert Greene II, Jacobin
  106. Critics say Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can’t hang with the intellectual heavyweights … in Congress, Laura McGann, Vox
  107. Homeland Security staffer with white nationalist ties attended White House policy meetings, Nick Miroff, The Washington Post
  108. Ver para creer: Timochenko entrando a la Casa de Nariño para reunirse con Duque, Noticias Caracol
  109. When the news media is news: a new book details censorship and self-censorship in the Chavez regime, The Global Americans
  110. La Gallup poll muestra que Duque no tuvo luna de miel, Juan Esteban Lewin, La Silla Vacia
  111. The real Iván Duque, Brian Winter, Americas Quarterly


  1. For a Left Populism by Chantal Mouffe. London: Verso Books.
  2. The Principles of Communism by Friedrich Engels. Prism Key Press.

YouTube Videos

1. Why Japan’s gaming bars are fighting for survival

2. How to debate fascists and destroy them: be a Marxist

3. Protesting to save refugees

4. Did Trump’s economic policies stimulate wage growth?

5. Socialist peels apart Laura Ingraham’s total idiocy during live segment.

6. Venezuela’s new economic program: will it stop hyperinflation?

7. Alt-Right and right-wing collectivism

8. Why Fortnite makes billions – Wisecrack Edition

9. Review: The Looting Machine by Tom Burgis

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Media Roundup for July 2018

News Articles

  1. Los triunfos significativos de Petro en el Caribe que miran a 2019, Adelaida Avila Cabrera, La Silla Vacia
  2. Mexico election: historic landslide victory for leftist AMLO, Tom Phillips and David Agren, The Guardian
  3. Mexico’s populist new president unlikely to derail energy reform, Keith Johnson, Foreign Policy
  4. Ocasio-Cortez defeas the Democratic machine – which way forward for socialists?, Tom Trottier and Antonio Balmer, Socialist Revolution
  5. In US, record-law 47% extremely proud to be Americans, Jeffrey M. Jones, Gallup
  6. USCIS is starting a Denaturalization Task Force, WNYC
  7. Woman calls the police on a black representative campaigning in Oregon, Ayana Archie and Emily Smith, CNN
  8. Trump pressed aides on Venezuela invasion, US official says, Joshua Goodman, AP
  9. Lo que hay de Mexico a Colombia, Ariel Ávila, Pares
  10. Ecuador court orders arrest of former president Rafael Correa over kidnapping of opponent, South China Morning Post
  11. López Obrador y la izquierda poschavista, Rafael Rojas, Letras Libres
  12. Asesinan a líder de campaña de Petro en Cáceres, Antioquia, El Tiempo
  13. Profesora amenazada por el ‘clan del Golfo’ abandonó el sur de Bolívar, El Tiempo
  14. Luis Barrios, otro líder que muere advirtiendo su asesinato, Alejandra Vergara G., La Silla Vacia
  15. Llaman a movilizarse contra el asesinato de líderes sociales, El Espectador
  16. Thailand cave rescue: ex-navy diver dies on oxygen supply mission, BBC
  17. Petro inaugura su oposición, Jineth Prieto, La Silla Vacia
  18. Viral pool racist loses job, Zack Ford, Think Progress
  19. Why the world should adopt a basic income, Guy Standing, The Economist
  20. Celtics Report: Boston hasn’t contacted Marcus Smart, PG ‘hurt and disgusted’, Adam Wells, Bleacher Report
  21. Surely Trump will strip citizenship carefully, Jack Holmes, Yahoo!
  22. ¿Quiénes son los congresistas condenados por paramilitarismo?, El Espectador
  23. Petro le propone a Duque escalar asesinatos de líderes sociales a la CPI, El Espectador
  24. La multitudinaria Velatón en Medellín por los líderes asesinados, Estefania Carvajal Restrepo, El Colombiano
  25. Facebook co-founder: tax the rich at 50% to give $500-a-month free cash and fix income inequality, Tom Huddleston Jr., CNBC
  26. Thai cave rescue: 4 of 12 boys saved from underground cavern as divers face ‘race against time’, Maya Oppenheim and Matt Blomberg, The Independent
  27. Brazil judge orders Lula released from jail, triggering battle, Gerson Freitas Jr, Bloomberg
  28. In Colombia death ranch case, some fear prosecution will be buried, Nicolas Casey, The New York Times
  29. Asesinan a simpatizante de la campaña de Petro en Pitalito, Semana
  30. “Pare el asesinato de líderes sociales”, el duro mensaje de sacerdote a Uribe, Semana
  31. ¿Cuáles son las promesas de los presidentes de Colombia y qué tanto las cumplen?, El Espectador
  32. Cynthia Nixon: I’m a democratic socialist, Jimmy Vielkind, Politico
  33. The Maduro diet: Food v. freedom in Venezuela, Moises Rendon, Center for Strategic and International Studies
  34. Mexico’s president-elect will cancel planned U.S. helicopter order, Reuters
  35. MSNBC’s Joy Reid loses over 20% of viewers after blog controversy, Joseph A. Wulfsohn, Mediaite
  36. A ‘socialist movement’ in the Democratic Party?, Aaron Amaral, Samuel Farber, Charlie Post and Shane James, Socialist Worker
  37. Ocasio-Cortez accuse defeated Dem of mounting third party challenge, Morgan Gstalter, The Hill
  38. Chavismo: Its strength could be its greatest risk, Ociel Alí López, NACLA
  39. FBI agent Peter Strzok’s hearing has become a ridiculous circus, Zeeshan Aleem, Vox
  40. Hearing with FBI agent goes off the rails after GOP congressman asks how many times he lied to his wife about cheating on her, Grace Panetta, Business Insider
  41. Legalización de la censura, Ariel Avila, Semana
  42. Sanctions on Venezuela – interview in BBC Mundo, David Smilde, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  43. Jimmy Butler rejects Timberwolves’ 4-year, $100m contract extension offer, Kyle Newport, Bleacher Report
  44. Margarita López Maya: Maduro y su entorno no van a salir por las buenas del poder, Esperanza Márquez, Tal Cual
  45. Venezolanos en México evalúan a López Obrador desde el trauma de Hugo Chávez, Orianny Granado, Tal Cual
  46. Olga Sánchez, quien será titular de Segob con AMLO, impulsará despenalización del aborto en todo el país, Sin Embargo
  47. ¿En qué va la disputa entre Carolina Sanín y la Universidad de los Andes?, El Espectador
  48. France squandered the unity of its last World Cup win. This time must be different, Iman Amrani, The Guardian
  49. Ocasio-Cortez hedges criticism of Israel – ‘I may not use the right words’, Philip Weiss, Mondoweiss
  50. Florida police chief told cops to arrest random black people to boost stats, Adam K. Raymond, New York Magazine
  51. Trump the traitor, Michael A. Cohen, The Boston Globe
  52. Native Americans who protested Dakota Access get handed the longest prison sentences, Mark Hand, Think Progress
  53. Disidencias y desertores: Los pies sobre la tierra, Ariel Ávila, Fundación Paz y Reconciliación
  54. Asesinan a líder social Ibes Trujillo en suroccidente de Colombia, Contagio Radio
  55. Iván Márquez no se posesionará el 20 de julio en el Congreso, Semana
  56. President Trump backpedals after controversial Vladimir Putin meeting, claims he misspoke on Russian election meddling, Chris Sommerfeldt, NY Daily News
  57. Claudia López deberá rectificar señalamientos contra Álvaro Uribe, Mauricio Collazos, RCN
  58. Las veces en que Claudia López tuvo que retractarse por orden judicial, El Tiempo
  59. Uribista sugiere que Claudia López requiere tratamiento de salud mental, German Espejo, La FM
  60. Israel passes controversial nation-state bill allowing it to encourage establishment of Jewish-only communities, Jonathan Lis and Noa Landau, Haaretz
  61. Guillermo Botero propone ley para regular protestas sociales en el país, Martha Olaya, La FM
  62. El partido de la Farc es ahora un proyecto político incierto, Santiago Valenzuela, Pacifista!
  63. Raptors agree to deal to acquire Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard for DeMar DeRozan, Adrian Wojnarowski, ESPN
  64. Maria Butina: How alleged Russia spy schmoozed US elite, BBC
  65. Europe’s civil war of sovereignty is tearing its soul apart, The Economist
  66. White House disputes that Trump denied Russia still targeting the US, Justin Fishel, ABC News
  67. How Trump’s tariffs on Mexico are taking jobs from U.S. workers, Erica Werner and Kevin Sieff, The Washington Post
  68. Trump: ‘People at the higher ends of intelligence loved’ my performance, Kyle Balluck, The Hill
  69. The light on dark political money dims, Ed Kilgore, New York Magazine
  70. Paychecks lag as profits soar, and prices erode wage gains, Patricia Cohen, The New York Times
  71. Marcus Smart, Celtics agree on 4-year $52 million contract, Alec Nathan, Bleacher Report
  72. Why is immigration so important to people?, Greg Weeks, Two Weeks Notice
  73. Nicaragua and lessons from the ‘Arab Spring’, Sabina Henneberg, The Hill
  74. El miedo a la verdad y el intento de destruirla, Ariel Ávila, Semana
  75. Trump’s tax cut hasn’t done anything for workers, Noah Smith, Bloomberg
  76. Popular ‘In My Feelings’ challenge banned in Egypt by law, Sarah Khodir, Egyptian Streets
  77. Health insurers are vacuuming up details about you – and it could raise your rates, Marshall Allen, NPR
  78. American prison employees show PTSD levels similar to Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, Ned Dymoke, Big Think
  79. Can this progressive woman of color pull of an Ocasio-Cortez-style upset in Massachusetts, Eoin Higgins, The Intercept
  80. The Localist Revolution, David Brooks, The New York Times
  81. Democratic lawmakers say ICE charging parents to call their kids violates immigration standards, Brianna Sacks, BuzzFeed
  82. El intento de destruir la memoria, Ariel Avila, Pares
  83. White Supremacy has always been mainstream, Stephen Kantrowitz, Boston Review
  84. Trump to offer farmers $12b in trade aid, Catherine Boudreau, Adam Behsudi, Helena Bottemiller Evich and Megan Cassella, Politico
  85. Tariffs trim a factory’s profit, but loyalty to Trump endures, Nelson D. Schwartz, The New York Times
  86. Trump, Iran and the dangers of presidential bluffing, Uri Friedman, The Atlantic
  87. Israel just shot down a Syrian fighter jet, Alex Ward, Vox
  88. Democratic socialism is about democracy, Shawn Gude, Jacobin
  89. Revolutionaries, elections and the Democrats, Todd Chretien, Socialist Worker
  90. House conservatives move to impeach Rosenstein, Kyle Cheney, Politico
  91. An extremely detailed map of the 2016 election, The New York Times
  92. Inside incels’ looksmaxing obsession: penis stretching, skull implants and rage, Jesselyn Cook, The Huffington Post
  93. Colombia ex-president alleges MI6 plot as death squad investigation closes in, Joe Parkin Daniels, The Guardian
  94. Las cinco preguntas sobre la indagatoria a Uribe (y sus respuestas), Juan Esteban Lewin, La Silla Vacia
  95. Venezuela could eventually have 1 million percent inflation. How is that possible?, Matt O’Brien, The Washington Post
  96. Facebook stock market decline is the largest one-day drop in US history, Casey Newton, The Verge
  97. Corte Suprema tiene más de 100 horas de grabación sobre Uribe y Prada, Johana Rodríguez, RCN Radio
  98. ¿Ven? Teníamos razón, Ariel Ávila, Semana
  99. ¿Cómo Uribe pasó de ser acusador a investigado?, Semana
  100. El audio que compromete a Álvaro Hernán Prada en escándalo de Uribe, El Espectador
  101. Don’t let Eastie become Southie, residents say, Milton J. Valencia, The Boston Globe
  102. Welcome to the Quiet Skies, Jana Winter, The Boston Globe
  103. As inequality grows, so does the political influence of the rich, The Economist
  104. Bernie’s “Medicare for All” predicted to cost nearly $33 trillion, Axios
  105. Impatient Trump drives US push for peace talks in Afghanistan, Dan De Luce, Courtney Kube and Mushtaq Yusufzai, NBC News
  106. LeBron James to open I Promise School on Monday, Nihal Kolur, Sports Illustrated
  107. Esposo de Marta Lucía Ramírez era parte de Global Securities en 2013, Caracol
  108. Censo de parque automotor es paliativo para afrontar déficit de gasolina, Carlos Seijas Meneses, El Nacional
  109. Se define el futuro de las curules de ‘Iván Márquez’ y ‘Jesús Santrich’, El Espectador
  110. One chart that shows how much worse income inequality is in America than Europe, Emily Stewart, Vox
  111. Maduro: Hemos fracasado con todos los modelos productivos y “la responsabilidad es mía, es nuestra”, Aporrea
  112. Maduro reconoce su ‘responsabilidad’ en la crisis económica de su país, El Tiempo
  113. Declaraciones antiguas de Álvaro Uribe generan cadena falsa en contra del exmagistrado Rubén Darío Pinilla, Carlos González, Colombia Check
  114. Iran rejects Trump offer of talks as a dream, without value, Bozorgmehr Sharafedin, Reuters
  115. Why Trump just attacked the Koch brothers on Twitter, Jane Coaston, Vox
  116. Unfortunately, others will follow Nicaragua’s path in Latin America, Oliver Stuenkel, America’s Quarterly


  1. Populistas a la colombiana por Jorge Giraldo Ramirez. Bogotá: Debate.
  2. As Black as Resistance: Finding the Conditions for Liberation by William C. Anderson and Zoé Samudzi. Chico: AK Press.
  3. The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. New York: Signet.

Radio Interviews and Podcasts

  1. Did socialism fail in Venezuela, Eva Maria, We Are Many

YouTube Videos

1. Los muertos que no le importan al gobierno

2. Joe Rogan calmly obliterates Jordan Peterson

3. Duque hace el oso en España, arrancó la JEP, violencia en Medellín y más

4. Uribe vs. Corte, ambientalistas silenciados, Nairo en top 10 y mas

5. Socialism vs Social Democracy w/ Peter Coffin

6. Unraveling the second coming of the Ku Klux Klan

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Media Roundup for June 2018

News Articles

  1. El economista francés, Thomas Piketty, anuncia su apoyo a Gustavo Petro, El Espectador
  2. Libros y bandoleros (1962-1964), Robert A. Karl, El Espectador
  3. ¿Sabe qué pasa si gana el voto en blanco en la segunda vuelta?, El Tiempo
  4. The bankruptcy of 21st Century Socialism, Jorge G. Castañeda, The New York Times
  5. Niall Ferguson quits Stanford free speech role over leaked emails, Mattha Busby, The Guardian
  6. Supreme Court sides with the baker who refused to make gay couple’s wedding cake, Lawrence Hurley, The Huffington Post
  7. ‘A source of positivity all the time’: remembering Palestinian medic Razan al-Najjar, killed by IDF, Democracy Now
  8. US Senator turned away form detention center for migrant children, Molly Olmstead, Slate
  9. Trump: ‘I have the absolute right to PARDON myself’, Kevin Breuninger, CNBC
  10. Venezuela’s May 20 elections: where do things stand?, Steve Ellner, Venezuelanalysis
  11. La respuesta de Humberto de la Calle a quienes lo critican por votar en blanco, El Espectador
  12. I work with children separated from caregivers at the border. What happens is unforgivable, Katie Annand, Vox
  13. Colin Kaepernick’s legal team expected to subpoena President Trump in case against NFL, Charles Robinson, Yahoo!
  14. Finding the progress in ‘progressive’: an alleged reform prosecutor candidate in Boston is less than honest about her record, James Folk, Medium
  15. EU to impose tariffs on US imports from July, Daniel Boffey, The Guardian
  16. Kawhi Leonard rumors: Spurs star has spokenw ith officials, staff in offseason, Kyle Newport, Bleacher Report
  17. Mannix: Celtics ‘scared’ of Kyrie Irving ‘walking in 2019’; Knicks a threat, NBC Sports Boston
  18. Trump will ask athletes who kneel during anthem to recommend people for pardoning, Kaitlan Collins and Veronica Stracqualursi, CNN
  19. MIT scientists created a ‘psychopath’ AI by feeding it violent content from Reddit, Sam Barsanti, AV News
  20. Anthony Bourdain: celebrity chef found dead at 61, BBC
  21. A divided left, a fragile peace, Emma Shaw Crane, NACLA
  22. Se desplaza la polarización interna hacia cuadrilátero internacional, Leopoldo Puchi, Efecto Cocuyo
  23. Antanas Mockus y Claudia López se unen a candidatura de Gustavo Petro, Blu Radio
  24. Duque, 46,2%, y Petro, 40,2%, según encuesta de Datexco, El Tiempo
  25. A pesar de sus simpatías, Petro no podría ser un Chávez, Carlos Hernández Osorio, La Silla Vacia
  26. Ataque de abejas africanizadas interrumpe discurso de Uribe en el Cesar, El Espectador
  27. Helicóptero en el que viajaba Uribe fue el que provocó a las abejas: Policía del Cesar, El Espectador
  28. El compromiso de Petro: no ser un Chávez, Daniela Amaya Rueda, La Silla Vacia
  29. Donald Trump abandons South Korea, Kevin Drum, Mother Jones
  30. What to expect when you’re electing, Colombian edition, Rodrigo Palau, Caracas Chronicles
  31. SDC ready for ‘unconditional talks’ with Syrian regime, Asharq al-Awsat
  32. Venezuela: la profunda brecha entre los que tienen dólares y los que no, Daniel García Marco, BBC
  33. ¿Quién le teme a la verdad?, Sara Tufano, El Tiempo
  34. In Colombian vote, a question looms large: is the frontrunner a puppet?, John Otis and Juan Forero, The Wall Street Journal
  35. Workers flee and thieves loot Venezuela’s reeling oil giant, William Neumann and Clifford Krauss, The New York Times
  36. Petro ganó en Bogotá, pero no fue suficiente, El Espectador
  37. Antioquia, bastión del uribismo, El Espectador
  38. Winner Duque calls for unity after Colombia’s divisive election campaign, Adriaan Alsema, Colombia Reports
  39. Mexico fans caused a literal earthquake after their team’s World Cup win, Brianna Sacks and Nidhi Prakash, BuzzFeed
  40. What Ivan Duque’s win means for securing a lasting peace in Colombia, Adam Isacson, WOLA
  41. Putin’s OPEC tactics: Iran sanctions and the Saudis, Tom O’Donnell, The Global Barrel
  42. Elon Musk emails employees about ‘extensive and damaging sabotage’ by employee, Lora Kolodny, CNBC
  43. The deceptiveness of Egypt’s appointment of female ministers, Zvi Bar’el, Haaretz
  44. DHS Chief is confronted with ProPublica tape of wailing children separated from parents, Stephen Engelberg, ProPublica
  45. 3 NBA teams are interested in signing Marcus Smart, Andrew Doxy, Celtics Blog
  46. ‘Populistas a la colombiana’: similitudes y diferencias entre Gaitán, Rojas Pinilla y Uribe, Me Gusta Leer
  47. Archivan investigación a Gina Parody y Cecilia Álvarez por Odebrecht, El Espectador
  48. Colombiano que insultó a japonesas en Rusia habla sobre lo sucedido, El Tiempo
  49. I am a professor in Venezuela, Pro Davinci
  50. Veteran Chavez ally Cabello to lead Venezuelan Constituent Assembly, Brian Ellsworth, Reuters
  51. US quits UN Human Rights Council, saying it’s anti-Israel, Nick Wadhams, Bloomberg
  52. Geraldo Rivera and Hannity erupt over border policy, Aidan McLaughlin, Mediaite
  53. Majority of Republicans back family separation policy, Luis Sanchez, MSN
  54. The US startup is disappearing, Dan Kopf, Quartz
  55. ‘Black Panther’ star Michael B. Jordan beats Thanos as best villain at MTV Movie and TV awards, Jenna Anderson, Comic Book Now!
  56. En solicitud a la JEP, Diego Palacio admite cohecho en reelección de Uribe, El Espectador
  57. El martes CNE definirá suerte de curul de Antanas Mockus, El Tiempo
  58. Don’t stop with family separation. End the whole immigration prison system, Christina Fialho, Los Angeles Times
  59. One in four surveyed Japanese workers admits to wanting to kill boss; Osaka quake helps show why, Katy Kelly, Japan Today
  60. Venezuela will struggle to recover lost oil production, Irina Slav,
  61. Assad pledges to regain control of northern Syria by force if needed, Reuters
  62. As critics assail Trump, his supporters dig in deeper, Jeremy W. Peters, The New York Times
  63. Los 20 puntos prioritarios que define Iván Duque para su gobierno, Yamid Amat, El Tiempo
  64. La oposición política a Duque tendrá más fuerza que la que tuvo Santos, Juan Pablo Sepúlveda, Pacifista
  65. Maduro congratulates Erdogan on re-election, TeleSur
  66. Venezuela weekly: as international pressure mounts, Maduro consolidates, David Smilde, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  67. Los niños que se están quedando sin padres en Venezuela por culpa del éxodo provocado por la crisis, Daniel Garcia Marco y Dalila Itriago, BBC
  68. Boston school superintendent resigns after allegedly providing student information to ICE officials, Megan Cerullo, NY Daily News
  69. Why the middle class can’t afford life in America anymore, Larry Getlen, New York Post
  70. ‘Pawn Stars’ star Richard ‘Old Man’ Harrison dead at 77, ABC
  71. Democrats must stop pretending the Supreme Court is apolitical, Steve McElwee, The Nation
  72. Democrats see major upset as socialist beats top-ranking US congressman, Ben Jacobs, The Guardian
  73. A 28-year-old Democratic Socialist just ousted a powerful, 10-term congressman in New York, Gregory Krieg, CNN
  74. Harley-Davidson workers back Trump despite jobs shift, Patti Waldmeir, Financial Times
  75. Colombia’s congress weakens war crimes tribunal even further, Adriaan Alsema, Colombia Reports
  76. Lobbyists and business-friendly pundits mourn democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s victory, Lee Fang, The Intercept
  77. Families earning $117,000 now qualify as “low income” in California’s Bay Area, Mark Strassmann, CBS News
  78. Ignore the OPEC drama, more oil is coming, Spencer Jakab, The Wall Street Journal
  79. Inside the failed plot to overthrow Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, Ethan Bronner, Andrew Rosati and Fabiola Zerpa, Bloomberg
  80. Uribismo no quiere la JEP porque quiere la impunidad para ellos: Gustavo Petro, El Espectador
  81. 5 dead, several ‘gravely injured’ in shooting at Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis, Doug Stanglin and John Bacon, USA Today
  82. Former ICE Chief Counsel facing prison time for stealing immigrants’ identities, Bill Chappell, NPR
  83. Democratic Socialists of America membership surges after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s stunning victory, Gideon Resnick, The Daily Beast
  84. Higher education: Faculty exodus from Venezuela’s public universities, Hugo Pérez Hernáiz, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  85. Organizaciones sociales del Norte de Antioquia piden ayuda urgente, El Tiempo
  86. Change and continuity in Colombian politics, Forrest Hylton and Aaron Tauss, NACLA
  87. Estos son los únicos municipios de Antioquia donde Uribe no es el rey, Juan Pablo Sepúlveda, Pacifista
  88. El narcotráfico en Colombia. Una realidad compleja, Ariel Ávila, Semana
  89. The controversy over Maxine Waters’ call for confrontation, explained, Li Zhou, Vox
  90. Dem lawmakers seek distance from Waters call for confrontation, Scott Wong, The Hill
  91. A closer look at voter turnout in 2018 New York Congressional primaries, Ben Brachfeld, Gotham Gazette
  92. Democrats can kiss swing voters goodbye with progressive ballot, Lloyd Green, The Hill
  93. These are the world’s most miserable economies, Michelle Jamrisko and Catarina Saraiva, Bloomberg
  94. Trump’s brutal immigration crackdown is tearing families apart on the basis of 3 false premises, Pedro Nicolaci da Costa, Business Insider
  95. Dem lawmaker introduces bill to abolish ICE, Julia Manchester, The Hill
  96. PAHO visit to Venezuela: Advances and opportunities, Teresa García Castro, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  97. Today’s US-Mexico ‘border crisis’ in 6 charts, Douglas Massey, The Conversation

YouTube Videos

1. ‘Scary’ Terry Rozier opens up about the chip on his shoulder and young Celtics squad

2. Viral MSNBC coverage shows 8 Nazis running in the midterms, I wonder who emboldened them?

3. How would Korean reunification work?

4. Duque presidente, Petro opositor, Osorio triunfa con Mexico y mas

5. Jimmy Dore debates w/ TYT panel about North Korea

6. Republicans, this a line you shouldn’t cross – children’s interment camps

7. Volvio Uribe: seis moralejas

8. Jordan Peterson, Eric Weinstein, and Dave Rubin



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Media Roundup for May 2018

News Articles

  1. Colombia desplazó a Venezuela como exportador de petróleo hacia EEUU, Andrés Rojas, Petroguia
  2. Inequality persists in Chavista Venezuela, Matthias Vom Hau, Open Democracy
  3. In Puerto Rico, protesters and police clash as thousands march in May Day rally, Nicole Acevedo, Istra Pacheco and Carmen Sesin, NBC News
  4. Viviane Morales, de “perseguidora” a posible aliada del uribismo, Semana
  5. Arias le pide a Duque no hacer alianza con Viviane Morales, Semana
  6. ¿Se puede reciclar a Marx en el siglo XXI? Los economistas discrepan, El Espectador
  7. White supremacist found guilty in Charlottesville beating of black man, Sara Boboltz, The Huffington Post
  8. Confused gun nuts are harassing a 31-year-old New York woman because her name is Emma Gonzalez, Brad Reed, Raw Story
  9. A debate about John McCain’s funeral arrangements is playing out in an oddly public fashion, Bryan Logan, Business Insider
  10. Trump tells Macron the US will withdraw from Iran nuclear deal, Mark Landler, The New York Times
  11. Iranians fear deeper crisis as Trump ends nuclear deal, Thomas Erdbrink, The New York Times
  12. I’m not black, I’m Kanye, Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Atlantic
  13. Similitudes en el asesinato de testigos que han hablado contra Álvaro Uribe o sus cercanos, Guillermo González Uribe, El Espectador
  14. La quinta guerra de Cartagena, Alvaro Restrepo, La Silla Vacia
  15. Lo que le juega en contra a Fajardo en Norte, Jineth Prieto y Ana Leon, La Silla Vacia
  16. Venezuela’s May 20 elections: A view from the barrio, Yesman Utrera, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  17. Support for governments under imperialist siege (Syria, Venezuela, Nicaragua, etc.): Just how far do we go?, Steve Ellner, Blog
  18. Voices on the left are rising in the US. Why aren’t they in mainstream media?, Jon Allsop, Columbia Journalism Review
  19. Striking Arizona teachers win 19% raise, end walkout, Los Angeles Times
  20. Israel attacked Syria an hour after the Iran deal was ended, says report, Zeina Karam, Time
  21. Three black people checked out of their Airbnb rental. Then someone called the police on them, Doug Criss and Amir Vera, CNN
  22. ¿Cómo sale Venezuela de la crisis? La visión de 3 economistas, Daniel García Marco, BBC
  23. Policy advisor for Trump-tied ‘America First’ group praises Nazis: they should’ve kept ‘going’, Caleb Ecarma, Mediaite
  24. Sheldon Adelson cuts $30 million check to help House Republicans win the midterms, Matthew Yglesias, Vox
  25. Israeli forces kill dozens of Palestinians in protests as US embassy opens in Jerusalem – as it happened, Amanda Holpuch and Matthew Weaver, The Guardian
  26. Venezuela’s forced migration crisis: images and WOLA podcast, Geoff Ramsey, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  27. Traicione a su clase: Vote por Petro, Lucas Ospina, La Silla Vacia
  28. Mi voto será por Petro, Sara Tufano, El Tiempo
  29. Assessing the current dilemma in Cuba, Lillian Guerra, NACLA
  30. Venezuelans have no choice but to vote, Javier Corrales, The New York Times
  31. The most realistic path out of Venezuela’s crisis is through negotiations, and many in the US government know it, Geoff Ramsey and David Smilde, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  32. To create true sanctuary cities, we must end racist policing, Reyna Wences and Ruth Gomberg-Muñoz, Truthout
  33. Time to start believing, because Celtics could win this whole damn thing, John Tomase, WEEI
  34. North Korea cancels high-level talks with South Korea, Stella Kim and Daniel Arkin, NBC News
  35. Republican-run Senate committee says Russia tried to help Trump win, Alex Ward, Vox
  36. Racist lawyer bro Aaron Schlossberg barred from entering his own Manhattan office, David Badash, Raw Story
  37. EPM says Hidroituango dam, Colombia’s largest, could break, Jarrod Demir, Colombia Reports
  38. Jordan Peterson, Custodian of the patriarchy, Nellie Bowles, The New York Times
  39. Supreme Court decision delivers blow to workers’ rights, Nina Totenberg, NPR
  40. What you need to know about the violent animals of MS-13, The White House
  41. Petro se quedó con el grueso de las estructuras de izquierda, Daniela Amaya Rueda, La Silla Vacia
  42. Petro cuestiona reelección de Maduro y envía carta a la CIDH, Noticias Caracol
  43. The Daily 202: A tale of two elections, James Hohmann, The Washington Post
  44. “Mi fusil hablará por mí”: Popeye a los petristas, El Espectador
  45. NFL’s proposed National Anthem rules: penalties for kneeling being considered, Albert Breer, Sports Illustrated
  46. Trump supports NFL’s new National Anthem policy, Matthew Futterman and Victor Mather, The New York Times
  47. Trump on abused immigrant children: ‘they are not so innocent’, Luke Darby, GQ
  48. The savior of the ‘no-no-yes’ Celtics, Bill Simmons, The Ringer
  49. Between hope and fear, Tobias Franz, Jacobin
  50. Cables contain claims former Colombian leader is tied to drug traffickers, Nicholas Casey, The New York Times
  51. La histórica votación de la izquierda: consecuencia del proceso de paz, El Tiempo
  52. Conozca, uno a uno, los puntos que propone el candidato Gustavo Petro, El Tiempo
  53. Colombia heads for divisive runoff with peace deal at stake, Helen Murphy and Daniel Flynn, Reuters
  54. ‘Spider-man’ scales building to save dangling child; Macron offers him citizenship, Laurel Wamsley, NPR
  55. The Trump effect: New study connects white American intolerance and support for authoritarianism, Noah Berlatsky, NBC News
  56. Forget about broad-based pay hikes, executives say, Steve LeVine, Axios
  57. Celtics guard Marcus Smart says he’s worth more than $14 million after Game 7, Ben Rohrbach, Yahoo! Sports
  58. The curious case of Bryan Colangelo and the secret Twitter account, Ben Detrick, The Ringer
  59. Denuncian presunto fraude electoral a favor de Iván Duque, Pulzo
  60. Hablamos con la Registraduría sobre el supuesto fraude electoral a favor de Duque, Pacifista
  61. Human Rights groups: The international community must aoid deepening human suffering in Venezuela, Washington Office on Latin America
  62. Is socialism to blame for Venezuela’s never-ending crisis?, Asa Cusack, al-Jazeera
  63. The more valuable your work is to society, the less you’ll be paid for it, David Graeber, LinkedIn
  64. Nearly half of you reading this have bullshit jobs, Nick Romeo, The Daily Beast
  65. Se fortalece el voto en blanco para la segunda vuelta, El Tiempo
  66. New Yorkers are looking to flee the Big Apple – and move to Boston, study says, Jaclyn Reiss, The Boston Globe
  67. Egypt discovers if it cuts the red tape, investors will come, Tamim Elyan, Bloomberg
  68. Female Genital Mutilation is declared religiously forbidden in Islam, Menna Saad, Egypt Today
  69. Petro y Duque ganaron por igual en los municipios del posconflicto, Adelaida Avila Cabrera, La Silla Vacia
  70. Soros sees new global financial crisis brewing, EU under threat, Nikos Chrysoloras and Helene Fouquet, Bloomberg


  1. Communes and Workers’ Control in Venezuela: Building 21st Century Socialism from Below by Dario Azzellini. Chicago: Haymarket Books.

YouTube Videos

1. How do you win an election in Venezuela? Control the food

2. Playboy attacks Ana, she fights back!

3. Elecciones presidenciales: lo bueno, lo malo y lo feo

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Media Roundup for April 2018

Newspaper Articles

  1. News anchors reciting Sinclair propaganda is even more terrifying in unison, Chas Danner, New York Magazine
  2. Polémica por celebración del cumpleaños de Hitler en Medellín, Vanesa Restrepo, El Colombiano
  3. State Police to eliminate Troop E in wake of overtime scandal, John R. Ellement and Travis Andersen, The Boston Globe
  4. Saudi Crown Prince: Iran’s Supreme Leader ‘makes Hitler look good’, Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic
  5. Teachers strikes are spreading across America with no end in sight, John Eidelson, Bloomberg
  6. Venezuela detains 17 over attack on opposition candidate’s campaign, Reuters
  7. Is Putin a CIA agent?, Thomas Friedman, The New York Times
  8. Centro Democrático expulsó a militante que amenazó a ‘Matador’, El Espectador
  9. Michigan OKs Nestlé water extraction, despite 80K+ public comments against it, Bill Chappell, NPR
  10. Hunger and homelessness are widespread among college students, study finds, Vanessa Romo, WFAE
  11. Trump’s most influential white nationalist troll is a Middlebury grad who lives in Manhattan, Luke O’Brien, The Huffington Post
  12. Kyrie Irving out for season, NBA playoffs, will undergo knee surgery, Tyler Conway, The Bleacher Report
  13. Marcus Smart targeting playoff return amid Kyrie Irving absence, Tim Daniels, The Bleacher Report
  14. Professors are targets in online culture wars; some fight back, Anya Kamenetz, NPR
  15. Behind the scenes of Venezuela’s deadly prison fire, Rebecca Hanson and Leonard Gómez Núñez, The Conversation
  16. Colombia’s imperiled transition, Adam Isacson, The New York Times
  17. Under Uribe, Colombia’s military killed more civilians than guerrillas, Adriaan Alsema, Colombia Reports
  18. Gustavo Petro: la piedra en el zapato, Laura Ardila Arrieta y Carlos Hernandez Osorio, La Silla Vacia
  19. Box office: ‘Black Panther’ sails past ‘Titanic’ to become no. 3 title of all time in US, Pamela McClintock, Hollywood Reporter
  20. Right-wing media look at Parkland student activists and see a reason to gut public education, Rachel M. Cohen, The Intercept
  21. The Silence: The legacy of childhood trauma, Junot Diaz, The New Yorker
  22. Columnist Shaun King detained at airport and questioned over activism, Democracy Now!
  23. Ivanka Trump’s clothing company will be spared from tariffs, thanks to her dad, Rebekah Entralgo, Think Progress
  24. Keystone pipeline leak in South Dakota about double previous estimate, Reuters
  25. ‘Killer robots’: AI experts call for boycott over lab at South Korea university, Benjamin Haas, The Guardian
  26. ¿Cómo se afectaría el proceso de paz con la captura de Santrich?, El Tiempo
  27. Russell Westbrook is ‘all-in’ with Oklahoma’s striking teachers, Dave Zirin, The Nation
  28. Latin America leaders brood: how do you solve a problem like Maduro?, Nicholas Casey and Julie Hirschfeld Davis, The New York Times
  29. Postmortem: Venezuela in the 2018 Summit of the Americas, David Smilde, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  30. JJ Rendón le declara la guerra a Gustavo Petro, El Espectador
  31. Under military rule, Venezuela oil workers quit in a stampede, Deisy Buitrago and Alexandra Ulmer, Reuters
  32. Venezuela’s ‘suffocating’ oil workers request dollar payments, Fabiola Zerpa, Bloomberg
  33. Arizona governor agrees to 20 percent raise for protesting teachers, Vanessa Romo, NPR
  34. ‘Insulted’ pro-Trump Spurs fans feel forced to choose between their team and the president, Rick Maese, The Washington Post
  35. From Starbucks to hashtags: we need to talk about why white Americans call the police on black people, Jason Johnson, The Root
  36. It’s not just Starbucks: white fear is an American problem, Renée Graham, The Boston Globe
  37. Adding to the stress of emigration from Venezuela: Passports hard to come by, Melissa Medina Márquez, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  38. Petro gana el voto indígena, pero no asegura el de los afro, Laura Soto, La Silla Vacia
  39. Los Romero están con Fajardo pero sus bases están con Petro, Laura Soto, La Silla Vacia
  40. Moose the coach? Monroe remembers ‘everything’ about Bucks, Marc D’Amico,
  41. Yes, I’m running as a socialist.’ Why candidates are embracing the label in 2018, Farah Stockman, The New York Times
  42. Cal State Fresno professor under fire for tweets attacking Barbara Bush, Javier Panzar, Los Angeles Times
  43. Comey’s wish for a leaker’s ‘head on a pike’? Proof he’s no better than Trump, Jill Abramson, The Guardian
  44. Six South American nations suspend membership of anti-US bloc, Lisandra Paraguassu, Reuters
  45. OPEC can live with tweets so long as Venezuela gets, Liam Denning, Bloomberg
  46. Venezuela bonds deliver top returns in emerging markets this year, Matt Wirz and Julie Wernau, The Wall Street Journal
  47. ‘Nazi scum get out!’: Watch entire New York bar chant at Milo Yiannopoulos until he leaves, Martin Cizmar, Raw Story
  48. Yellen gets post-Fed payday in private meetings with Wall St. elite, Jonathan Spicer and Ann Saphir, Reuters
  49. In rural Tennessee, a big ICE raid makes some conservative voters rethink, Jonathan Blitzer, The New Yorker
  50. Trump complaining that Gorsuch is becoming too liberal, Avery Anapol, The Hill
  51. A new law intended to curb sex trafficking threatens the future of the internet as we know it, Aja Romano, Vox
  52. ‘Astronomical’ cost of war: average US taxpayer sent $3,456 to Pentagon last year and just $39 to the EPA, Jake Johnson, Common Dreams
  53. What fuels the Saudi Rivalry with Iran?, Madawi al-Rasheed, The New York Times
  54. Guerra de trinos entre Duque y Vargas Lleras, Semana
  55. Inside a divisive fight over how a top progressive think tan handled sexual harassment, Sarah Mimms, BuzzFeed
  56. Esperanza vs. miedo. La campaña electoral en Colombia, Gisela Brito, Celag
  57. Toronto van attack: What is an ‘incel’?, Mike Wendling, BBC
  58. Communes and Workers’ Control in Venezuela: Interview with Dario Azzellini, Ricardo Vaz, Venezuela Analysis
  59. Former Texas education official apologizes for questioning student’s Harvard acceptance, Morgan Gstalter, The Hill
  60. Colorado Republican lawmakers want to punish striking teachers with jail time, Alexia Fernández Campbell, Vox
  61. ¿Por qué Uribe se quitó los crocs en pleno discurso?, Semana
  62. El voto de izquierda tiene dividida a la Universidad Nacional, Sebastián Serrano, Pacifista
  63. What awaits the migrant caravan in the United States, WOLA
  64. The case of a federal jobs guarantee, Erik Loomis, The New York Times
  65. Two Koreas agree to end war this year, pursue denuclearization, Kanga Kong and Andy Sharp, Bloomberg
  66. Is Medellin on the brink of another war?, Adriaan Alsema, Colombia Reports
  67. Where is Venezuela’s diaspora?, Americas Quarterly
  68. Bill Cosby found guilty in sexual assault retrial, Alanna Vagianos, The Huffington Post
  69. Sean Hannity: 400% rise in eviction orders since host bought Georgia apartment complex, Jon Swaine, The Guardian
  70. Marco Rubio: ‘No evidence’ Trump tax cuts help US workers, The Daily Beast
  71. Uribe habla de la ‘calumnia’ de los profesores y Fecode responde, El Tiempo
  72. Teachers say ‘frustration’ over decade of cuts to education is fueling nationwide revolt, Bill Hutchinson and Barbara Schmitt, ABC News
  73. Nearly 60 percent of Republicans don’t want a woman president in their lifetimes, poll finds, Tim Marcin, Newsweek
  74. Law Enforcement groups gave $420,000 to DA deciding whether to bring charges against cops who killed Stephon Clark, Shaun King, The Intercept
  75. The Michelle Wolf White House Correspondents’ Dinner controversy, explained, Emily Stewart, Vox
  76. Cuba’s first cabinet meet under new president tackles tricky economy, Reuters
  77. Amid Colombia peace deal shake-up, second FARC leader targeted, Parker Asmann, Insight Crime
  78. Muslims are internalizing Islamophobia, and negative media coverage is to blame, Rowalda Abdelaziz, The Huffington Post
  79. 3 main takeaways from the historic North Korea-South Korea summit, Alex Ward, Vox
  80. Corbyn’s capital: the story of how London became a Labour city, George Eaton, New Statesman

Radio Interviews and Podcast

  1. Identity and Honesty: A conversation with Ezra Klein, Waking Up Podcast


  1. Liberty and Equality in Caribbean Colombia, 1770-1835 by Aline Helg. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press.
  2. Why Liberalism Failed by Patrick J. Deneen. New Haven: Yale University Press.

YouTube Videos

1. Iván Duque es el peor candidato a la presidencia (o eso creemos) – La Pulla

2. Why Liberalism Failed – MR Live

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