Let me start this from the Genesis… (Again)

Three years ago, I started a blog on tumblr (entitled the instinctivepath) with a very specific purpose: to document my two-year trip to Egypt. I envisioned my experience, as a person of color in the Land of Ancient Kemet, as something that would be unique and precious; that Cairo would be a chaotic journey filled with reflection and self-discovery; and that I’d be able to use tumblr as a space where I could not only share those experiences, but use it as a platform to express my ideas and thoughts on a number of political issues.

I debated plenty of times whether the blog should be informal or semi-academic. Both options had its pros and cons, but I opted for the latter because I wanted it to appeal to academics and students who could potentially use my blog as a resource.

That was back in 2011. I am now back in Boston, nearly eight months detached from Cairo, with an expanded international network and about eight million stories to tell. Stories that I hope I get to articulate here and that would be of great interest to you, the reader.

But if I had to pick one recurring theme that ran throughout my work as a blogger, it’s that I’m not very good at keeping a blog up-to-date (to paraphrase Jay Smooth). I’ve tried many times to breathe life into the lungs of instinctivepath and, on various occasions, I’d produce an array of posts only to completely neglect it weeks later for the next six months. Yet here I am trying to resurrect it once more. Why would it be different this time around?

To be honest, I don’t necessarily have the answer to that question. It’s quite possible that my interest will wane once again, but I do know two things for certain: (a) there’s a few political developments happening now that I’d like to write about and (b) I’m going to Colombia in a month, and I have every intention to document my two-week vacation!

This new incarnation of the instinctivepath should be exciting, but I make no promises so proceed with caution and expect to be disappointed!

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