Media Roundup for February 2016

Any article with an ** is a highly recommended read.

News Articles

  1. The Struggle For Marriage Equality in Venezuela: An Interview with Javier Corrales, David Smilde, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  2. Venezuela likely underestimating Zika cases: doctors, Colombia say, Alexandra Ulmer, Reuters
  3. Interactive Data Presentation: Explore Plan Colombia’s Legacy, Editorial, WOLA
  4. Bret Hart Announces He Has Been Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, Tyler Conway, Bleacher Report
  5. EU Responds to NIAC Action Concerns on Visa Waiver Reciprocity, Shervin Vahedi, NIAC Action
  6. Nigeria president warns of Libya ‘time bomb’, Agence France Presse, The Daily Star
  7. Hyperinflated Arepa Index (HAI) XII: Hard to Break The Bs. 1000 Barrier, Miguel Octavio, The Devil’s Excrement
  8. Poll: most voters say they’re open to a political revolution to redistribute wealth, Andrew Prokop, Vox
  9. Goldman Sachs chief Lloyd Blankfein, Sanders candidacy a ‘dangerous moment’, Eliza Collins, Politico
  10. Two-Thirds of People on Welfare Are Working or Have a Family Member Who’s Working, Cole Stangler, International Business Times
  11. Exclusive: Iran wants euro payment for new and outstanding oil sales – source, Nidhi Verma, Reuters
  12. The Amendment Scenario, Francisco Toro, Caracas Chronicles
  13. Worth Less, Rodrigo Linares, Caracas Chronicles
  14. Projecting, Estimating and Whispering about Venezuela’s Homicide Rate, David Smilde, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  15. The Citizen Security Proposals of Venezuela’s New National Assembly, Rebecca Hanson, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  16. Leaked police files contain guarantees disciplinary records will be kept secret, George Joseph, The Guardian
  17. Obama’s Disastrous Betrayal of the Syrian Rebels, Emile Hokayem, Foreign Policy
  18. Indonesia imprisons seven Islamic State supporters, Editorial, BBC
  19. Iraqi forces make gains against Islamic State east of Ramadi, Ahmed Rasheed and Stephen Kalin, Yahoo! News
  20. The rise of Donald Trump is a terrifying moment in American politics, Ezra Klein, Vox
  21. Refugee girls got to dress up as what they want to be when they grow up, David Mack, Buzzfeed
  22. “The End of Chavismo?” Revisted, David Smilde, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  23. Netanyahu plans fence around Israel to protect it from ‘wild beasts’, Peter Beaumont, The Guardian
  24. Why Hillary Clinton does not deserve the black vote, Michelle Alexander, The Nation **
  25. Anti-Beyonce rally planned outside NFL headquarters over ‘hate speech’, The Guardian
  26. Falling oil price and Saudi strategy: My Sky News interview (London), Tom O’Donnell, The Global Barrel
  27. Russia is beating China to Venezuela’s oil fields, Tom O’Donnell, The Global Barrel
  28. At Success Academy school, a stumble in Math and a Teacher’s Anger on Video, Kate Taylor, The New York Times
  29. Supreme court justice Antonin Scalia dies: political and legal world reacts, Martin Pengelly, Ben Jacobs and Dan Roberts, The Guardian
  30. What’s To Be Done About the Rise of ISIS in Libya?, Daniel Lakin, PWX News
  31. The UN should be the solution in Libya, but it’s the problem, Randeep Ramesh, The Guardian
  32. Families of Americans killed by Mexican cartels sue HSBC for laundering billions, Tom Dart, The Guardian
  33. The Intersectionality Muddle, Cary Nelson, Inside Higher Ed
  34. The Trump Revolution is Real. And It’s a Threat to the Constitution, Ben Shapiro, The Daily Wire
  35. Venezuela’s faces ‘worse-case scenario’ as Zika outbreak expands, Joshua Partlow, The Washington Post
  36. Rubio or Cruz Could Help the GOP Win Over More Latino Voters, Dan Hopkins, Five Thirty Eight
  37. You Can Print Bolivars, But Not Food, Pedro Rosas Rivero, Caracas Chronicles
  38. Seeing the MUD from Colombia, Rodrigo Palau, Caracas Chronicles
  39. PDVSA and the Abyss, Francisco Toro, Caracas Chronicles
  40. Malden police captain says officials blocked probes, Evan Allen, The Boston Globe
  41. Canada experiencing alarming growth in child homelessness, Andre Picard, The Globe and Mail
  42. Conspiracy kooks shift into overdrive after learning Antonin Scalia was found dead with a pillow over head, Tom Boggioni, Raw Story
  43. Colombia: students tell amazing stories, Gwen Burnyeat, Latin America Bureau
  44. 3 Americans Kidnapped in Baghdad Are Released, Tim Arango, The New York Times
  45. Economic Emergency in Effect in Venezuela, as Supreme Court Rules in Favour of Executive, Rachel Boothroyd Rojas, Venezuelanalysis
  46. As TSJ Overrules National Assembly One Wonders What the Plan Is, Miguel Octavio, The Devil’s Excrement
  47. New Libya Cabinet Proposed to Replace Dual Governments, Rana Jawad, BBC
  48. New Ministerial List and Attempted anti-Haftar Putsch to Secure GNA, Jason Pack, Libya Analysis
  49. Colombia’s labor unions, students and farmers announce anti-government protests, Adriaan Alsema, Colombia Reports
  50. Saudi FM: We can’t rush policy on women’s right to drive, AFP, Middle East Eye
  51. Indonesia bans celebrating St. Valentine’s Day because it’s not part of Islamic culture’, Jess Staufenberg, The Independent
  52. Conservatives have failed Donald Trump’s supporters, Michael Brendan Dougherty, The Week **
  53. To Pimp the Black Woman: On Kendrick Lamar’s Limited Black Liberation, Raquel Willis, Cuepoint 
  54. Maduro’s Minuscule Adjustment, Miguel Octavio, The Devil’s Excrement
  55. A Canadian Island Is Offering To Accept Americans If Trump Is Elected, Julie Gerstein, Buzzfeed
  56. Displaced Yemenis Suffer in Silence in Egypt, Omnia Al Desoukie, Al-Monitor
  57. You’re Damn Right Electability Matters to Black Voters, Keli Coff, The Daily Beast
  58. Kurds Warn Turkey of ‘Big War’ With Russia if Troops Enter Syria, Henry Meyer and Stepan Kravchenko, Bloomberg Business
  59. China in Revolt, Eli Friedman, Jacobin
  60. Black Struggle Is Not A Sound Bite: Why I Refused to Meet with President Obama, Aislinn Pulley, Truthout
  61. Why I’m more worried about Marco Rubio than Donald Trump, Matthew Yglesias, Vox
  62. Why DeRay Mckesson’s Baltimore Campaign Looks Like It Comes Right Out of Teach For America’s Playbook, Drew Franklin, AlterNet
  63. Bernie Sanders says lower turnout contributed to his Nevada loss to Hillary Clinton, John Wagner, The Washington Post
  64. Upgrade Your iPhone Passcode to Defeat FBI’s Backdoor Strategy, Micah Lee, The Intercept **
  65. FARC Front Commander Talks Peace Talks, Drugs, Mimi Yagoub, Insight Crime
  66. Referendo sobre la reeleccion en Bolivia: resultados parciales apuntan a derrota de Evo Morales pero gobierno habla de empate tecnico, BBC Mundo
  67. SEIU fliers paint Clinton as $15 minimum wage supporter in Nevada, Annie Karni, Politico
  68. Is Venezuela’s Media Landscape Changing Again?, Hugo Perez Hernaiz and David Smilde, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  69. No, Bernie Sanders is not a Chavez in the making, Marcela Colmenares, Caracas Chronicles
  70. Hafter attempts in earnest to take back Benghazi, and the HoR votes on the GNA, Jason Pack, Libya Analysis
  71. Obama announces plan for closing Guantanamo Bay prison, Austin Wright and Nick Gass, Politico
  72. U.S. Military White Paper Describes Wearing Hijab as “Passive Terrorism”, Murtaza Hussain, The Intercept
  73. Did Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Enable the Coup in Honduras?, Robert Naiman, The Huffington Post
  74. The If’s, When’s and How’s of Regime Change, Emiliana Duarte, Caracas Chronicles
  75. Chomsky: Trump’s rise due to ‘breakdown of society’, Nolan D. McCaskill, Politico
  76. Why Democrats Should Beware Sanders’ Socialism, Paul Starr, Politico
  77. Measuring Donald Trump’s Supporters for Intolerance, Lynn Vavreck, The New York Times
  78. Academic Waste, Kelly J. Baker, Chronicle Vitae
  79. Kobe Bryant explains why he couldn’t have spent his entire career playing with Shaq, Chris Yuscavage, Complex
  80. Reince Priebus Blasts WaPo‘s Criticism of GOP Leadership: ‘Stupidest Editorial I’ve Ever Seen’, J.D. Durkin, Mediaite
  81. European Parliament Calls For Arms Embargo On Saudi Arabia Over Yemen War, Robin Emmott, The Huffington Post
  82. Stephen Curry: Criticism ‘starting to get a little annoying’, ESPN
  83. DNC Vice-Chair Resigns, Throws Support Behind Sanders, Deirdre Fulton, Common Dreams
  84. Laborless Society, My Blog


International Crisis Group (2016). “Yemen: Is Peace Possible?Middle East Report No. 167, pages 1-43.

Academic Articles

  1. Ciccariello-Maher, George (2007). “Toward a Racial Geography of Caracas: Neoliberal Urbanism and the Fear of Penetration.” Qui Parle. 16 (2), 39-71.
  2. Ellner, Steve (2011). “Venezuela’s Social-Based Democratic Model: Innovations and Limitations.” Journal of Latin American Studies. 43 (2), 421-449.
  3. Fernandes, Sujatha (2007). “Barrio Women and Popular Politics in Chávez’s Venezuela.” Latin American Politics and Society. 49 (3), 97-127.
  4. Fernandes, Sujatha (2011). “Everyday Wars of Position: Social Movements and the Caracas Barrios in a Chavez Era.” Colombia Internacional. 73, 71-90.
  5. Hellinger, Daniel (2005). “When ‘No’ Means ‘Yes to Revolution’: Electoral Politics in Bolivarian Venezuela.” Latin American Perspectives. 32 (3), 8-32.


  1. Between the World and Me, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Spiegel & Grau, 2015.
  2. Libya Since Independence: Oil and State-Building, Dirk Vandewalle, Cornell University Press, 1998.

 YouTube Videos

1. Is the Gender Gap Real? – VlogBrothers

2. CBS Republican Debate: The Biggest Controversy – The Young Turks

3. Some Major Oil Producers Freeze Production, But Glut Will Keep Prices Low – The Real News Network

4. How can ISIL be defeated? – al-Jazeera (Up Front)

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