Media Roundup for June

News Articles

  1. Venezuela and the OAS Democratic Charter, David Smilde, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  2. From Interruption to Alteration: Almagro Applies the Inter-American Democratic Charter to Venezuela, Jennifer McCoy, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  3. Battle for Falluja: Not Shias versus Sunnis but Iraqis versus ISIS, Hayder al-Khoei, CNN
  4. Why the Conventional Wisdom on ISIS Has Been Totally Wrong, Max Abrahms, Presentation at Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University
  5. Exclusive: Snowden Tried to Tell NSA About Surveillance Concerns, Documents Reveal, Jason Leopold, Marcy Wheeler and Ky Henderson, Vice News
  6. The freakout over Harambe the gorilla shows the dangers of internet mob justice, German Lopez, Vox
  7. On gender and hierarchies, Sara Salem, Neo-Colonial Thoughts
  8. Donald Trump Finally Admits His Campaign Is Racist, Amanda Terkel, The Huffington Post
  9. Killings of Venezuela Security Forces on the Rise Amid Crisis, David Gagne, Insight Crime
  10. Is Islam “Exceptional?”,  Shadi Hamid, The Atlantic
  11. Kidnapping, a crime going virtually extinct in Colombia, Adriaan Alsema, Colombia Reports
  12. Race Matters in Funding Small Businesses, John Tozzi, Bloomberg
  13. Here’s Paul Ryan’s Calling Out Donald Trump for Racism But Urging People to Vote for Him Anyway, Robert Mackey, The Intercept
  14. Chiquita Executives Must Face Claims Over Colombian Torture, David Voreacos, Bloomberg
  15. The Warriors are daring LeBron James to beat them, and he can’t, Mike Prada, SB Nation
  16. Saudi Arabia Threatened to Break Relations with U.N. Over Human Rights Criticism in Yemen, Colum Lynch, Foreign Policy
  17. The Daily 202: Primary wins show Hillary Clinton needs the left less than pro-Sanders liberals think, James Hohmann, The Washington Post
  18. The Deal These Two Rejected: LL + TSJ for No RR, Emiliana Duarte and Francisco Toro, Caracas Chronicles
  19. Capriles en CNN: No solo vamos a ganar el revocatorio, vamos a cambiar a Venezuela, El Nacional
  20. David Duke defends Trump, blames Jews for judge criticism, Nick Gass, Politico
  21. Backlash in Cuba, Ann Louise Bardarch, Politico
  22. Omar Mateen, Lone-Wolf Terrorist, Daniel Byman, Slate
  23. ‘He’s coming. I’m gonna die’: Orlando shooting terror revealed in son’s text to mother, Associated Press, The Guardian
  24. Did delay in response give the gunman more time?, Wills Robinson, The Daily Mail
  25. Venezuela’s Maduro Says Potential Recall Vote Won’t Happen Until 2017, teleSUR
  26. No Venezuela Recall This Year, Greg Weeks, Two Weeks Notice
  27. Clinton Breaks from Obama, calls Orlando attack ‘radical Islamism’, Nick Gass, Politico
  28. Here is what LGBT Muslims Want To Know After the Orlando Shooting, Sarah Karlan and David Noriega, Buzzfeed
  29. Why do terrorists commit terrorism?, Peter Bergen, The New York Times
  30. PGA village residents want answers from security firm, Nicole Rodriguez, TCPalm
  31. Poll: Most disapprove of Trump’s Orlando response, Jesse Byrnes, The Hill
  32. Food riots kill one more in Venezuela: legislator, Marco Bello, Reuters
  33. Venezuela accuses Washington and the OAS of fostering a coup, Carol Morello, The Washington Post
  34. The Venezuela Test, Michael Reid, The Economist
  35. Top 7 ways to tell if someone is lying about being a ‘Salafi jihadi’, Juan Cole, Informed Comment
  36. What’s keeping foreign oil firms out of Iran? IRG?, Tom O’Donnell, The Global Barrel
  37. New US tech squeezing oilfields and rivals, Tom O’Donnell, The Global Barrel
  38. Chomsky: The Ugly Truth About America’s ‘High-Tech Economy’, Alexandra Rosenmann, Alternet
  39. Twitter Trolls Are Reporting Pro-LGBT Muslim Women to Their Governments, Where Punishment Can Mean Death, Ben Collins, The Daily Beast
  40. My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard, Shane Bauer, Mother Jones
  41. The Meaningless Politics of Liberal Democracies, Emma Green, The Atlantic
  42. Summary of the FARC-Government Ceasefire and Disarmament Accord, Washington Office on Latin America
  43. Liveblogging the OAS Permanent Council Session on Venezuela, Geoff Ramsey, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  44. Exclusive: Prominent GOP Neoconservative to Fundraise for Hillary Clinton, John Hudson, Foreign Policy
  45. How Severe Is Venezuelan Crisis?, Gabriel Hetland, The Nation
  46. Does New York City’s ‘broken windows’ policing work? New Report says no, William Wan, The New York Times
  47. David Cameron will resign as U.K. Prime Minister before October, Henry Grabar, Slate
  48. A tour of Falluja reveals grim remnants of life under ISIS, Tim Arango, The New York Times
  49. The Islamization of Radicalism, Isaac Chotiner, Slate
  50. CIA arms for Syrian rebels supplied black market, officials say, Mark Mazzetti and Ali Younes, The New York Times
  51. Brexit is only the latest proof of the insurality and failure of Western establishment institutions, Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept
  52. A Senate committee wants to crack down on spy agencies’ cozy relationship with Hollywood, Jason Leopold, Vice News
  53. Watch Jesse Williams’ BET awards speech is everything you need right now, Marcus Benjamin, Uproxx
  54. Janelle Monae, Jennifer Hudson And More Pay Tribute To Prince At The BET Awards, Marcus Benjamin, Uproxx
  55. Iraqi army closes in on Islamic State militants holed up west of Falluja, Thaier al-Sudani and Ahmed Rasheed, Reuters
  56. Nazra director prevented from travelling by airport security, Amira el-Fekki, Daily News Egypt
  57. Oil made Venezuela rich, and now it’s making it poor, Ben Casselman, Five Thirty Eight
  58. Latin America’s Rising Right, Mohamed A. El-Erian, Project Syndicate
  59. Beyond oil but in the wrong direction; resisting the Orinoco Mining March, Antulio Rosales, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  60. Lionel Messi and Argentina was always more marriage of convenience than love affair, Jonathan Liew, The Telegraph
  61. Local funding is not always the answer, Hussein Baoumi, OpenDemocracy
  62. Summary of the FARC-Government Ceasefire and Disarmament Accord, Washington Office on Latin America
  63. The inclusion of ethnic groups is essential for a lasting peace in Colombia, Gimena Sanchez-Garzoli, Washington Office on Latin America
  64. Virginia man accused of tweeting threats to shoot senators, Scott MacFarlane, NBC Washington
  65. Houthis apologise to US over use of ‘Death to America’ slogan, Karim el-Bar, Middle East Eye
  66. Por fin arranca en serio la restitución en el sur, Juanita Velez, La Silla Vacia
  67. Turkey was once a model for Middle East democracies. That was before ISIS, Daniel Byman, Slate

Academic Articles

  1. Blomley, Nicholas (2003). “Law, Property, and the Geography of Violence: The Frontier, the Survey and the Grid.” Annals of the Association of American Geographers. 93 (1), 121-141.


  1. Camus, Albert (1942). The Stranger. New York: First Vintage International Edition.
  2. Capek, Karel (1921). R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robot). London: Penguin Books.
  3. Prevost, Gary (2011). Social Movements and Leftists Governments in Latin America: Confrontation or Co-Optation? New York: Zed Books.

Radio and Podcast Interviews

  1. El poder de la movilización social, Eduardo Briceño Florez, La Silla Vacia

YouTube Videos

  1. Resurgence in left politics in Mexico following Oaxaca teachers strike massacre

2. Consequences of Brexit Explained

3. James Rickards | Gold Shortages | Bank of Gold | Paper Money Collapse | BREXIT

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