Media Roundup for October

News Articles

  1. Here’s the century-long history behind Colombia’s peace agreement with the FARC, Robert A. Karl, The Washington Post
  2. Las víctimas votaron por el Sí, Semana
  3. Former President Who Fought Colombia’s Peace Deal Holds Key to Its Future, Juan Forero and Kejal Vyas, The Wall Street Journal
  4. Colombia referendum: Public rejects president’s Farc peace deal in referendum vote, Tim Walker, The Independent
  5. Un plebiscito innecesario, una derrota inesperada, Javier Duque Daza, Razon Publica
  6. Did Human Rights Watch Sabotage Colombia’s Peace Agreement?, Greg Grandin, The Nation
  7. Colombia: “NO” vote on FARC Government Peace Deal Press Statement, John Kirby, U.S. Department of State
  8. Explicar el fracaso, Héctor Abad Faciolince, El Espectador
  9. Deep Scars and Complacency Defeated Colombia’s Peace Deal, Kirk Semple and Nicholas Casey, The New York Times
  10. Why Colombia Said No to Peace, Steven Cohen, The New Republic
  11. Uribe propone amnistía a guerrilleros sin condenas y “alivio judicial” a policías y soldados, El Espectador
  12. Benigno Alarcón: “Transitions happen when the costs of repression are higher than the costs of tolerating change”, Hugo Prieto, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  13. Gary Johnson won’t (or can’t) name North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, Michael Walsh, Yahoo News!
  14. ‘I did all the work’: Ex-Trump accountant slaps down candidate’s ‘brilliant’ knowledge of tax code, Brad Reed, Raw Story
  15. Tennessee mom throws a fit when her daughter learns about Islam in school, Ed Mazza, The Huffington Post
  16. Sean Hannity freaks out after Megyn Kelly mocks him as Trump’s safe space, Ed Mazza, The Huffington Post
  17. French cops think thieves were tipped off by Kim’s security, Mara Siegler, Page Six
  18. This is Donald Trump’s worst nightmare, Ezra Klein, Vox
  19. The rape allegation against Bill Clinton, explained, Dylan Matthews, Vox
  20. Among the post-liberals, Ross Douthat, The New York Times
  21. The white flight of Derek Black, Eli Saslow, The Washington Post
  22. Paul LePage Calls For Trump ‘To Show Some Authoritarian Power’, Arthur Delaney, The Huffington Post
  23. Married GOP Politician Admits to Sexting Male Teen in Video Pleading for His Job, Andy Towle, Towler Road
  24. Trump campaign manager: Clinton jail comments are being taken ‘literally’, Daniella Diaz, CNN
  25. Simulation Hypothesis: Living In The Matrix? Tech Billionaires Funding Research To Get Out, Tim Marcin, International Business Times
  26. Taraji P. Henson made under 2 percent of Brad Pitt’s ‘Benjamin Button’ salary, Zeba Blay, The Huffington Post
  27. Is Shep Smith the Future of Fox News?, Ryan Grim, The Huffington Post
  28. Newt Gingrich says Trump supporters should “monitor” polling stations, Ema O’Connor, BuzzFeed
  29. Local North Carolina GOP office firebombed and vandalized with Nazi Graffiti, Marina Fang, The Huffington Post
  30. ‘Rigged’ election talk didn’t start with Trump, David Weigel, The Washington Post
  31. Trump just proposed he and Clinton take pre-debate drug tests, Hannah Levintova, Mother Jones
  32. “Hillary needs to be taken out”: Donald Trump’s violent rhetoric is taking a real form at his campaign rallies, Sophia Tesfaye, Salon
  33. Bad blood? Donald Trump and Roger Ailes reportedly no longer speak, Emily Jane Fox, Vanity Fair
  34. Donald Trump: ‘I will totally accept’ election results ‘if I win’, Jeremy Diamond, CNN
  35. These Harvard economists offer differing views for how to save Venezuela, Andrew Rosati, Bloomberg
  36. The Morocota Conundrum, Francisco Toro, Caracas Chronicles
  37. The Charade is Over, Frank Muci, Caracas Chronicles
  38. Part of an Unpopular Revolution, Position of Venezuela’s Collectives Unclear, Yesman Utrera, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  39. Compare the coverage of Mosul and East Aleppa and it tells you a lot about the propaganda we consume, Patrick Cockburn, The Independent
  40. Venezuelan Lawmakers Plan Impeachment Proceedings Against President, Kejal Vyas, The Wall Street Journal
  41. Charles Blow blames ‘rigged’ election talk on Sanders: ‘Clinton is beating men – deal with it’, Travis Gettys, Raw Story
  42. Clinton advisor after reading paid Wall Street speeches: ‘It’s pretty bad’, Alex Griswold, Mediaite
  43. Fox News just landed a brutal, lean hit on Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Zach Carter, The Huffington Post
  44. WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin battles O’Reilly in amazing segment: You ‘parrot’ what Trump tells you!, Josh Feldman, Mediaite
  45. Pelosi urges end to Pentagon’s clawback of solider overpayments, Mike Lillis, The Hill
  46. Venezuelans take to the streets to oppose President Nicolas Maduro, Ana Vanessa Herrero and Elisabeth Malkin, The New York Times
  47. Cuando los líderes se crecen, Ezequiel Abdala, Revista Ojo
  48. Hillary Clinton has an unfortunate way of talking about American Muslims, Ismat Sarah Mangla, Quartz
  49. Twitter lays off 9% of its workforce as it posts a desperately-needed positive Q3, Matthew Lynley, Tech Crunch
  50. A professor circled “hence” on a Latina student’s paper and wrote “this is not your word”, Tamerra Griffin, BuzzFeed
  51. Newt Gingrich and Megyn Kelly get into bizarre exchange on Live TV, Christopher Mele, The New York Times
  52. WATCH: Donald Trump woos Indian voters with a Hindi campaign ad that will make you cringe, Grace Guarnieri, Salon
  53. Sean Hannity goes on incoherent late-night Twitter rant (Updated), Alex Griswold, Mediaite
  54. Lou Dobb’s rant about ‘Mormon Mafia’ becomes Twitter’s best new hashtag, Ed Mazza, The Huffington Post
  55. John McCain: Republicans will block “any Supreme Court nominee” of Hillary Clinton, Taylor Link, Salon
  56. Gary Johnson melts down: ‘why are you even interviewing me?’, Anna Merlan, The Slot
  57. Clinton adviser proposed attacking Iran to aid the Saudis in Yemen, Eric Levitz, New York Magazine
  58. U.S. stocks fall with Mexico Peso on Clinton probe; bonds rise, Rita Nazareth, Joseph Ciolli, and Andrea Wong, Bloomberg
  59. Comey, Clinton and This Steaming Mess, Frank Bruni, The New York Times
  60. On the Bombing of Aleppo, George Soros, The New York Review of Books
  61. Facebook lets advertisers exclude users by race, Julia Angwin and Terry Parris Jr., Pro Publica
  62. What a caliphate really is – and how the Islamic State is not one, Shadi Hamid, The Washington Post
  63. 2006 audio emerges of Hillary Clinton proposing rigging Palestine election, Ken Kurson, Observer
  64. The startling rise in oral cancer in men, and what it says about our changing sexual habits, Ariana Eunjung Cha, The Washington Post
  65. Chavismo full circle, David Smilde, The New York Times
  66. New polls show tight Clinton-Trump race nationally, battlegrounds, Eric Bradner, CNN
  67. Dakota Access pipeline protests draw contrasts to Bundy, Melanie Eversley, USA Today
  68. Report: Manafort faked plane problem to get Trump to avoid picking Christie for VP, Ken Meyer, Mediaite
  69. Adelson pours $25 million into White House race, more may be coming, Ed Henry, Fox News
  70. U.S. Officials Doubt Donald Trump Has Direct Link to Russia, Eric Lichtblau and Steven Lee Myers, The New York Times
  71. After giving Clinton question in advance, Donna Brazile promised ‘I’ll send a few more’, Alex Griswold, Mediaite
  72. Can poverty lead to mental illness?, Emily Sohn, NPR
  73. Did #DAPL security worker wielding an AR-15 rifle try to infiltrate native water protectors?, DemocracyNow!


  1. Ciccariello-Maher, George (2016). Building the Commune: Radical Democracy in Venezuela. London: Verso Books.
  2. Srnicek, Nick and Alex Williams (2015). Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work. London: Verso Books.

YouTube Videos

1. President Maduro calls on the Pope to help resolve conflict with Opposition

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