Media Roundup for December

News Articles

  1. The myth of the Rust Belt revolt, Konstantin Kilibarda and Daria Roithmayr, Slate
  2. The propaganda about Russian propaganda, Adrian Chen, The New Yorker
  3. Cubans remember Fidel, Elizabeth Dore, NACLA
  4. Police say 350 people have come forward to report child sex abuse in football, Vikram Dodd, The Guardian
  5. Army Corps denies easement for Dakota Access Pipeline, Eyder Peralta, NPR
  6. The lead to my prewritten “Clinton wins” story explains a lot about why she lost, Matthew Yglesias, Vox
  7. A harsh truth about fake news: Some people are super gullible, Callum Borchers, The Washington Post
  8. Boris Johnson, Britain’s top diplomat, flees live interview after being asked to name South Korean president, Adam Taylor, The Washington Post
  9. Kaepernick takes a knee at Soldier Field; both sides have something to say, CBS Chicago
  10. Egypt’s non-oil business activity falls to 40-month low in November as costs rise: PMI, Ahram Online
  11. Nancy Pelosi: I don’t think Democrats want a new direction, Marisa Schultz, The NY Post
  12. Ralph Ellison’s “Invisible Man” as a parable of our time, Clint Smith, The New Yorker
  13. Walter Scott shooting: Judge declares mistrial in murder trial of former cop Michael Slager, Daniella Silva, NBC News
  14. Dakota Access Pipeline operator lashes out at decision to halt construction, Amar Toor, The Verge
  15. Trump’s threat to the Constitution, Evan McMullin, The New York Times
  16. Pentagon buries evidence of $125 billion in bureaucratic waste, Craig Whitlock and Bob Woodward, The Washington Post
  17. El racismo en Perú: claves para entender la discriminación en un país fundamentalmente mestizo, Arturo Wallace, BBC
  18. Trump transition official is active on white nationalist social media platform, Aaron Rupar, Think Progress
  19. Veterans at Standing Rock just announced where they’re heading next – and it’s awesome, Zach Cartwright, US Uncut
  20. Is Assad the author of ISIS? Did Iran blow up Assef Shawkat? And other tall tales, Ehsani, Syria Comment
  21. Mourning and Fidel, Ana Dopico, NACLA
  22. ‘Leave, Nazis!’ greets Alt-Right in Texas, Justin Glawe, The Daily Beast
  23. Carrier union leader: Trump ‘lied his ass off’ about deal, Brooke Seipel, The Hill
  24. Trump lays out non-interventionist US military policy, Steve Holland, Reuters
  25. Site smeared as ‘Russian propaganda’ demands Washington Post retraction, Deirdre Fulton, Common Dreams
  26. An American in Syria: the anti-fascist struggle for communal society in the ruins, Roaqyah Chamseddine, Shadow Proof
  27. ‘Straight up scumbag’: Internet eviscerates Rick Santorum for telling Dreamer to leave his country, Elizabeth Preza, Raw Story
  28. Trump fires back at union boss who said he ‘lied his ass off’ about Carrier deal, Chris Sanchez, Business Insider
  29. Here’s how black people could use jury nullification to break the justice system, Elie Mystal, Above the Law
  30. New York firefighter charged with setting fire to own home – and blaming it on Black Lives Matter, Travis Gettys, Raw Story
  31. Sandy Hook truther arrested for threatening to kill parent of murdered child, Ben Mathis-Lilley, Slate
  32. Jury foreman reveals 5 jurors undecided of cop’s guilt despite video evidence in Walter Scott killing, Brad Reed, Raw Story
  33. The GOP cavalry is not coming over the hill, Stephen M. Saideman, Saideman’s Semi-Spew
  34. Pipeline spills 176,000 gallons of crude into creek about 150 miles from Dakota Access protest camp, Tom DiChristopher, CNBC
  35. #Billetexit, Naky Soto, Caracas Chronicles
  36. How the internet keeps poor people in poor neighborhoods, Alvin Chang, Vox
  37. The Left and the Syria Debate, As’ad Abukhalil, Jadaliyya
  38. Uber employees used data to stalk celebrities, exes, Debbie Encalada, Complex
  39. Source: Twitter cut out of Trump tech meeting over failed emoji deal, Nancy Scola, Politico
  40. Exxon Mobil taps Darren Woods to replace Rex Tillerson as CEO, Anne Steele, The Wall Street Journal
  41. White students hold ‘Trump’ sign, turn backs on black basketball team, Ed Mazza, The Huffington Post
  42. Is Donald Trump a threat to democracy?, Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt, The New York Times
  43. Obama says US will retaliate for Russia’s election meddling, Julie Hirschfeld Davis and David E. Sanger, The New York Times
  44. Julian Assange: Some DNC leaks may have come from Russian hackers, but not WikiLeaks’, Jason Murdock, International Business Times
  45. Venezuela’s bank-note ban slams Colombians too, Kejal Vyas, The Wall Street Journal
  46. Boston Police want to track your emotions on social media, George Joseph, City Lab
  47. Listen to previously unheard 2Pac verse from “How Long Will They Mourn Me?”, Jake Rohn, Hip-Hop DX
  48. The inexplicable online absence of Aaliyah’s best music, Stephen Witt, Complex
  49. Lessons unlearned, Matt Phillips, Vice News
  50. Egyptian police arrest five people for using children to stage fake ‘Aleppo’ footage, Bethan McKernan, The Independent
  51. 10-Year-Old Maggie becomes youngest victim of Cairo Cathedral terror attack, Egyptian Streets
  52. Timing the murder of the Bs.100 bill, Pedro Rosas Rivero, Caracas Chronicles
  53. Why is the Maduro government demonetizing the Bs. 100 note?, David Smilde, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  54. Christmas in Caracas? Worse than the Grinch!, Greg Grandin, The Nation
  55. Ciudad Bolívar is turning into a warzone, Carlos Hernandez, Caracas Chronicles
  56. Ciudad Bolívar as Hors D’Oeuvre, Daniel Cadena Jordan, Caracas Chronicles
  57. A weekend in hell: I witnessed the sack of Ciudad Bolívar, Victor Abache, Caracas Chronicles
  58. Pran Populism: How prison thugs fanned the flames in Ciudad Bolívar, Francisco Toro, Caracas Chronicles
  59. Trump’s 17 cabinet-level picks have more money than a third of American households combined, Dan Kopf, Quartz
  60. Trump voters think African-Americans are much less deserving than ‘average Americans’, Michael Tesler, The Huffington Post
  61. Glenn Greenwald slams Democrats for attacks on anyone skeptical of CIA Russia assessment, Josh Feldman, Mediaite
  62. The Other Colombia, Nadège Mazars, Guernica Magazine
  63. Now, America, you know how Chileans felt, Ariel Dorfman, The New York Times
  64. This is the photograph of the year, Ryu Spaeth, New Republic
  65. Witness to an assassination: AP photogrpaher captures attack, Burhan Ozbilici, Associated Press
  66. Newt Gingrich committed the classic mistake of telling the truth, Jeet Heer, The New Republic
  67. Almost all the US jobs created since 2005 are temporary, Dan Kopf, Quartz
  68. YouTube star Adam Saleh speaks out after being kicked off Delta flight, CBS News
  69. YouTubers Adam Saleh and Slim Albaher release new footage of Delta flight incident, insist discrimination accusations are not a hoax, Karen Brill, Vulture
  70. Delta passengers dispute YouTube prankster Adam Saleh’s discrimination claims, Jessica Schladebeck, NY Daily News
  71. GOP, UW at odds over ‘whiteness’ course, Karen Herzog, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  72. Brazil construction giant admits to massive bribe scheme, Tristan Clavel, Insight Crime
  73. What do you mean Colombia’s extradition treaty with the US was never legal?, Adriaan Alsema, Colombia Reports
  74. What kind of party do we need?, Ahmed Shawki, The Socialist Worker
  75. Tea leaveson Trump and Cuba, Greg Weeks, Two Weeks Notice
  76. Netanyahu seeks to rally Israelis around him in anti-Obama assault, Jeffrey Heller, Reuters
  77. ‘You can’t take Israel for granted’: Israel is ‘reducing’ its ties with 12 UN Security Council nations, Natasha Bertrand, Business Insider
  78. Breitbart is leading a smear campaign against a scholar for mocking white supremacy, and his university isn’t defending him, Sarah Lazare, AlterNet
  79. U.S. Muslim cleric Hamza Yusuf calls Trump ‘a servant of God’ during racist rant against Black Lives Matter, RT, Rabwah
  80. Modi’s political party creates abusive social media campaigns and breeds internet trolls, claims new book, Pranav Dixit, BuzzFeed
  81. Erdogan says he has evidence US-led coalition has given support to Isis, Andrew Buncombe, The Independent
  82. Who’s at fault for Egypt’s economic crisis?, Ahmed Fouad, al-Monitor
  83. Egypt’s failed revolution, Peter Hessler, The New Yorker
  84. Saudi Royal Family is still spending in an age of austerity, Nicholas Kulish and Mark Mazzetti, The New York Times
  85. Pennsylvania professor under fire for ‘white genocide’ tweet, Ian Simpson, Raw Story
  86. Drexel Prof wrote long paper praising white genocide, Blake Neff, The Daily Caller
  87. Nearly 50% of Donald Trump voters believe Hillary Clinton is involved in pedophilia ring: poll, Chris Sommerfeldt, NY Daily News
  88. Popular Instagram sisters arrested for attempting to extort a Nigerian billionaire, Mike Hayes, BuzzFeed
  89. A man in California is fighting a caffeine DUI, and the state won’t back down, Aaron Brown, Yahoo News!
  90. Secretary of State John Kerry: two-state solution in ‘serious jeopardy’, Jeremy Diamond and Elise Labott, CNN
  91. Donald Trump’s pick for CIA director likes tweet calling John Kerry a ‘traitor’, Alex Griswold, Mediaite
  92. 2017 business survival guide, Rodrigo Linares, Caracas Chronicles
  93. The Venezuelan military makes bank on food crisis, Raul Stolk, Caracas Chronicles
  94. Pregnant lady diaries #2: formula and diapers, Anabella Abadi M., Caracas Chronicles
  95. Pregnant lady diaries #3: maternity clothes, Anabella Abadi M., Caracas Chronicles
  96. How journalists covered the rise of Mussolini and Hitler, John Broich, Smithsonian
  97. A book review of Devyn Spence Benson’s antiracism in Cuba: The Unfinished Revolution, Orissa Arend, The New Orleans Tribune
  98. US-Venezuela relations will probably deteriorate under Trump. Ask ExxonMobil why, Timothy M. Gill, The Washington Post
  99. Saudi Arabia jails man for saying men shouldn’t control women, Raw Story
  100. SC GOP lawmaker pulls gun and punches woman in head because she caught him cheating: police, David Edwardsd, Raw Story
  101. Largest US police union asks Amazon to pull ‘offensive’ Blacks Lives Matter shirt, Edward Helmore, The Guardian
  102. Michael Savage: Trump saved white children from slavery, Brian Tashman, Right Wing Watch
  103. Breaking Kayfabe: An inside look at WWE’s unlikely business empire, Ian Frisch, Vice


  1. Marable, Manning (1983). How Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America. Cambridge: South End Press.
  2. Bookchin, Murray (2015). The Next Revolution: Popular Assemblies and the Promise of Direct Democracy. London: Verso Books.

Radio and Podcast Interviews

  1. Washington, Havana and a new era, To The Point, KCRW
  2. Will the Syria endgame include ISIS?, To The Point, KCRW
  3. Islam vs Secularism: A conversation with Shadi Hamid, Sam Harris, Wake Up Podcast

YouTube Videos

1. Hillary supporters blame Jill Stein for her loss, Round 2!

2. Ben Shapiro and Dave Rubin: Trump, the Alt Right, Fake News, and More

3. Was the Democratic Party destroyed under Barack Obama?

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