Media Roundup for June 2017

News Articles

  1. Rural America is the new ‘inner city’, Janet Adamy and Paul Overberg, The Wall Street Journal
  2. Don’t let Venezuela become the next Libya, Francisco Rodriguez, Financial Times
  3. OAS fails to agree on Venezuela as protests continue, BBC
  4. Trump’s White House grants ethics waivers that give exemptions to Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, and ex-lobbyists, Allan Smith, Business Insider
  5. Attorney General Jeff Sessions may have had another undisclosed meeting with Russia, Matthew Rozsa, Salon
  6. Trump announces America’s exit from Paris Climate Accord, Patricia Garcia, Vogue
  7. OAS Foreign Ministers’ meeting reveals persistent differences in how to address Venezuela’s crisis, Geoff Ramsey and David Smile, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  8. Kurdish YPG says ‘major operation’ on Syria’s Raqqa to start in days, Tom Perry, Reuters
  9. Exclusive: U.S. considers possible sanctions against Venezuela oil sector – officials, Girish Gupta and Matt Spetalnick, Reuters
  10. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain break diplomatic ties with Qatar over ‘terrorism’, Staff, The Guardian
  11. ‘Calls for internment will grow’: Fox contributor linked to Russia scandal suggests camps for British Muslims, David Edwards, Raw Story
  12. Why Mexico’s government wants to keep Venezuela in the news, David Agren, The Washington Post
  13. Texas wants to criminalize helping people get abortions, Maureen Shaw, Think Progress
  14. White House orders agencies to ignore Democrats’ oversight requests, Burgess Everett and Josh Dawsey, Politico
  15. Donald Trump vows to impose travel ban ‘in any event’ despite pending Supreme Court judgement, Andrew Buncombe, The Independent
  16. US may withdraw from UN Human Rights Council: report, Mallory Shelbourne, The Hill
  17. The unexpected afterlife of American Communism, Sarah Jaffe, The New York Times
  18. Germany seeking EU-Mercosur trade deal, Adriaan Alsema, Colombia Reports
  19. Republican Congressman on suspected Islamic Radicals: ‘kill them all’, David Corn and Hannah Levintova, Mother Jones
  20. It’s time to bust the myth: Most Trump voters were not working class, Nicholas Carnes and Noam Lupu, The Washington Post
  21. How the Syrian War changed how war crimes are documented, Cristina Roca, Syria Deeply
  22. Turkey throws support behind Qatar in rift with Gulf Arabs, Gulsen Solaker and Tom Finn, Reuters
  23. Qatar crisis: This is why Saudi Arabia and its allies have suddenly cut ties to their Sunni Arab neighbour, Patrick Cockburn, The Independent
  24. Iran attacks: ‘IS’ hits parliament and Khomeini mausoleum, BBC
  25. UK Election: Exit polls show Theresa May’s Conservative Party losing majority, Laurel Wamsley and Bill Chappell, NPR
  26. The Labour Party now belongs to Jeremy Corbyn, The Economist
  27. When Rupert Murdoch saw the exit poll ‘he stormed out of the room’, John Prescott tweets, Jessica Brown, The Independent
  28. Progressive intellectuals sign petition criticizing Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly and an ‘increasingly de-legitimized government’, Geoff Ramsey, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  29. Religious liberals sat out of politics for 40 years. Now they want in the game, Laurie Goodstein, The New York Times
  30. Stuck in a death spiral, Venezuela is borrowing money at any cost, Nick Miroff, The Washington Post
  31. Poll finds 85 percent of Venezuelans oppose constitution revision, Diego Ore and Eyanir Chinea, Reuters
  32. ‘Wonder Woman’s feminism is strong as hell, but it’s not intersectional, Kadeen Griffiths, Bustle
  33. CNN cancels Reza Aslan’s show “Believer” after profane anti-Trump tweets, Brian Stelter, CNN
  34. GOP lawmaker: Wasn’t ISIS terror attack in Iran ‘a good thing’, Jacqueline Thomsen, The Hill
  35. Comey’s testimony was ratings gold, even at 10 AM, Michael M. Grynbaum, The New York Times
  36. Trump insider pursuing bid for FBI building contract, raising questions of conflict of interest, Matthew Mosk and Brian Ross, ABC News
  37. David Smilde: “El diálogo fracasó. Solo queda la negociación”, Elías García Navas, Pro Davinci
  38. International Left should support critical chavismo, Rafael Uzcátegui, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  39. Prodavinci interview: On dialogue and negotiation, David Smilde, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  40. #TheWeeklyArepa Editorial: A way out, Raul Stolk, Caracas Chronicles
  41. The Unsinkable Luisa Ortega Díaz, Raul Stolk, Caracas Chronicles
  42. President Trump expected to reverse US-Cuba policy: limiting travel and trade will not advance human rights, Washington Office on Latin America
  43. On Bill Maher’s House N*gger, Ejike, Medium
  44. Senate GOP won’t release draft health care bill, Caitlin Owens, Axios
  45. Warriors unanimously decline White House invite, according to reports, Marjua Estevez, Vibe
  46. Light-years ahead and poised to stay that way, Kevin O’Connor, The Ringer
  47. Time will determine whether these Warriors are the greatest team ever, Danny Chau, The Ringer
  48. Venezuela sem fake news, Natalia Viana, Publica
  49. 66 Venezuelan NGOs make call to regional peers, David Smilde, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  50. Nearly 200 Democrats sue Trump citing emoluments clause violation, Brooke Seipel, The Hill
  51. Met confirms 17 dead with further fatalities expected from Grenfell blaze – as it happened, The Guardian
  52. What we know and don’t know about the shooting of the GOP Men’s Baseball Team, Matt Flegenheimer, The New York Times
  53. Sanders condemns shooter who ‘apparently’ volunteered on campaign, Eli Watkins, Elizabeth Landers and Jeff Zeleny, CNN
  54. University of Virginia frat settles lawsuit with Rolling Stone, Zach Schonfeld, Raw Story
  55. Reset of rules aimed at for-profit begins, Andrew Kreighbaum, Inside Higher Ed
  56. Special counsel is investigating Trump for possible obstruction of justice, officials say, Devlin Barrett, Adam Entous, Ellen Nakashima and Sari Horwitz, The Washington Post
  57. Qatar buys US F-15s days after Trump says country funds terror, Alexander Smith and Ayman Mohyeldin, NBC News
  58. Amid protests in Venezuela medical students become vital to survival, Geraldine Cols Azocar, NBC News
  59. US-led forced said to have used white phosphorus in Syria, Anne Barnard, The New York Times
  60. Venezuela: ¿por qué no «bajan» de los cerros?, Pablo Stefanoni, Nueva Sociedad
  61. Judge orders review of Dakota Access Pipeline in victory for Standing Rock tribe, Brianna Sacks, BuzzFeed
  62. Iraqi Christians face ‘death sentence’ as Trump prepares mass deportations, Tom O’Connor, Yahoo! News
  63. Bill Maher’s bizarre lovefest with Breitbart’s Editor-in-Chief on ‘Real Time’, Marlow Stern, The Daily Beast
  64. UW professor got it right on Trump. So why is he being ignored?, Danny Westneat, The Seattle Times
  65. Fate of program to protect young immigrants still undecided, Alicia A Caldwell, AP
  66. Doctors: Ex-North Korea detainee Otto Warmbier has severe brain injury, Jason Hanna, Joshua Berlinger, and Emanuella Grinberg, CNN
  67. Trump rolls back parts of what he calls ‘terrible’ Obama Cuba policy, Steve Holland, Reuters
  68. Hundreds protest after Minnesota officer found not guilty in Philando Castile death, Merrit Kennedy, NPR
  69. Board adopts report on Uber’s culture, silent on CEO leave, Tom Krisher and Bernard Condon, ABC News
  70. ICE agents arrest high schooler hours before prom, Michael P. McKinney and Jorge Fitz-Gibbon, Khou
  71. Julio Borges: Atentado en Colombia tiene implicación con Venezuela, El Nacional
  72. Jim Rogers: The worst crash in our lifetime is coming, Jacqui Frank and Kara Chin, Business Insider
  73. Obesity now kills more people worldwide than car crashes, terror attacks, and Alzheimer’s combined, Julia Belluz, Vox
  74. Black mom with mental health issues killed by Seattle police after calling to report burglary, Raw Story
  75. What’s next for the Bill Cosby sex-assault case?, Manuel Roig-Franzia, The Washington Post
  76. Officials: 17-year-old- Muslim girl assaulted and killed after leaving Virginia mosque, Sarah Pulliam Bailey, The Washington Post
  77. Rural and small-town jails are driving America’s high incarceration rate, researchers find, Jon Schuppe, NBC News
  78. London attack: ‘aggressive’ and ‘strange’ suspect vowed to ‘do some damage’, Vikram Dodd and Matthew Taylor, The Guardian
  79. The Qatar crisis has global implications, Gideon Rachman, Financial Times
  80. Advierten que TSJ no puede remover ni destituir a Luisa Ortega Díaz, Luis Pico, El Nacional
  81. There’s something about Luisa, César Crespo, Caracas Chronicles
  82. ‘If John Cunningham is not safe, no one is safe’, Kevin Cullen, The Boston Globe
  83. DA: A man yelled anti-Muslim slurs at a woman on the Orange Line, Spencer Buell, Boston Magazine
  84. What happened in the recent strikes in Afro-Colombia, and why is this important to US-Colombia relations?, Gimena Sanchez, Colombia Reports
  85. Oposición marchó hasta sede de la OEA, Mary Sánchez, El Universal
  86. Down from the Mountain, Greg Grandin, London Review of Books
  87. ‘I felt discriminated against’: Uber driver faces fine for not speaking English, Colin Kalmbacher, Law Newz
  88. Special counsel Mueller also investigating possible ‘money laundering by Trump associates’, Elizabeth Preza, Raw Story
  89. Blue Dog Democrats meet with top Trump aides on tax reform, Mike Lillis, The Hill
  90. Daughter of Philando Castile’s girlfriend begs mom to keep calm after fatal traffic stop: ‘I don’t want you to get shooted’, Jessica Schladebeck, New York Daily News
  91. The Cuban exiles are back! Sounds like good news for the Cuban regime, Tim Padgett, WLRN
  92. Unveiled: The secret Senate Healthcare bill, Bob Bryan, Business Insider
  93. US will lose Syria to Iran and abandon Kurdish allies, former ambassador says, Tom O’Connor, Newsweek
  94. Report: Celtics could have Paul George deal in place if Gordon Hayward signs, Ty Anderson, WEEI
  95. Ricardo Sucre: “La MUD perdió la dirección de la calle”, Victor Amaya, Tal Cual
  96. Ni gobierno ni oposición: cómo el chavismo crítico se perfila como alternativa en una Venezuela polarizada, Daniel García Marco, BBC
  97. Key chavistas abandon Maduro as crisis intensifies, Andrew Rosati and Fabiola Zerpa, Bloomberg
  98. ‘Las Farc dejan de existir hoy’: Juan Manuel Santos, Michel Euler, El Tiempo
  99. Will last year’s peace treaty survive, or is the past prologue in Colombia, Greg Grandin, The Nation
  100. We can’t ‘end mass incarceration’ if we erase the experiences of criminalized women, Lindsay Holcomb, Truthout
  101. Colin Kaepernick is making his choice: Activism over the NFL, Dan Wetzel, Yahoo!
  102. Tibisay Lucena: Constituyente no es una propuesta para resolver asuntos económicos, La Patilla
  103. World Taekwondo Federation changes name over ‘negative connotations’, BBC
  104. Tupac biopic ‘All Eyez On Me’ keeps ticking off rapper’s celeb friends, Patrick Ryan, USA Today
  105. Chelsea Manning leaks had no strategic impact on US war efforts, Pentagon finds, Ed Pilkington, The Guardian
  106. Trump administration plans more sanctions on defiant Venezuela, Nahal Toosi, Politico
  107. Self-promotion in academia, Greg Weeks, Two Weeks Notice
  108. Old criticisms, new threats, Colleen Flaherty, Inside Higher Ed
  109. Venezuela y la izquierda Latinoamérica, Rafael Rojas, Pro Davinci
  110. ¡Sin cuento! Estos son los nueve objetivos temáticos de la ANC, Con El Mazo Dando
  111. Sigue la violencia contra líderes sociales, Eduardo Álvarez, Razon Publica
  112. Syrian Democratic Forces make new gains in anti-ISIS campaign, capture another district in Raqqa city, ARA News
  113. Las Farc ya entregaron a la ONU todas las armas individuales, El Tiempo
  114. The Supreme Court sided with Trinity Lutheran Church. Here why that matters, Sarah Pulliam Bailey, The Washington Post
  115. Koch Group says Republican Health Plan doesn’t go far enough, John McCormick, Bloomberg
  116. Professor who criticized Otto Warmbier gets canned, Melissa Klein and Joe Tacopino, The New York Post
  117. Gay pride marchers with Jewish flags told to leave Chicago parade, Harriet Sinclair, Newsweek
  118. Supreme Court green lights partial travel ban, Niv Elis, The Hill
  119. Helicopter attacks Venezuela’s pro-Maduro Supreme Court, Silene Ramirez and Eyanir Chinea, Reuters
  120. López Maya: Se vive una guerra con saldo de muertos, heridos y detenidos, Ascension Reyes, Efecto Cocuyo
  121. Jackson, Miss. Mayor-elect Chokwe Lumumba: I plan to build the ‘most radical city on the planet’, Democracy Now
  122. Mother of boy with rare genetic disorder tweets hospital bill, Kwegyirba Croffie, CNN
  123. Navy SEAL who shot Bin Laden slams Sarah Huckabee Sanders for praising ‘success’ at the VA, Brad Reed, Raw Story
  124. Florida cop cites imaginary ID law while threatening 21-year-old black man with jail for jaywalking, Ben Mathis-Lilley, Slate
  125. As a requisite for achieving national reconciliation, the opposition needs to abandon protests conducive to confrontation and disruptions, Steve Ellner, Venezuela Dialogue

  126. The politics of brinksmanship does little to resolve the crisis in Venezuela, Miguel Tinker Salas, Venezuela Dialogue

  127. Constituent Assembly is obstacle, not solution to the crisis, Daniel Hellinger, Venezuela Dialogue

  128. The light at the end of the birth canal, Anabella Abadi M., Caracas Chronicles
  129. La ONU “profundamente” preocupada por situación de Ortega Díaz, El Universal


  1. Who Can Stop the Drums?: Urban Social Movements in Chavez’s Venezuela by Sujatha Fernandes. Durham: Duke University Press.
  2. Drugs and Democracy in Rio de Janeiro: Trafficking, Social Networks, and Public Security by Enrique Desmond Arias. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press


  1. La política social durante la gestión de Maduro (2013-2016) by Carlos Aponte Blank. SIC 794/Mayo 2017

Radio Interviews and Podcasts

  1. Goldman Sachs’ role in the Venezuelan political crisis, WBEZ 91.5 Chicago
  2. An update on Venezuela: David Smilde explains this tense and uncertain moment, Washington Office on Latin America
  3. Episode 37: The US Media and Venezuela with Hannah Dreier, Understanding Latin American Politics

YouTube Videos

1. The Artificial Intelligence revolution

2. How to improve democracy

3. Abby Martin: World ignores opposition violence at Venezuela protests

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