Media Roundup for July 2017

News Articles

  1. NPR Tweeted The Declaration Of Independence And Some Trump Supporters Were Offended, Julia Reinstein, BuzzFeed
  2. Algeria to grant African migrants work permits amid surge in racism, Middle East Eye
  3. Castrochavismo para principiantes, Julieta Lemaitre, La Silla Vacia
  4. Fighting for Black Lives in Colombia:’ The people do not give up, damn it’, Lori S. Robinson, The Root
  5. Thank You, Utah, Gordon Hayward, The Players’ Tribune
  6. Marc Gasol trade rumors: Celtics may be suit after Gordon Hayward signing, Tim Daniels, Bleacher Report
  7. Venezuela: pro-government militiamen injure politicians in attack on Congress, The Guardian
  8. Exclusive: At least 123 Venezuelan soldiers detained since protests – documents, Girish Gupta, Reuters
  9. Venezuela’s Maduro orders state workers to vote for assembly, Alexandra Ulmer, Reuters
  10. Maduro a Santos: “Inclínate ante tu padre”, El Mundo, El Espectador
  11. Venezuela’s problems go far beyond chavismo, Oliver Stuenkel, Post-Western World
  12. WOLA denounces further breakdown of Rule of Law and democratic institutions in Venezuela, Washington Office on Latin America
  13. Egypt Unexpectedly Raises Interest Rates by 200 Basis Points, Ahmed Feteha, Tarek el-Tablawy and Alaa Shahine, Bloomberg
  14. Shifting Objectives: On Methodology and Identity Politics, Zoé Samudzi, Verso Books
  15. Celtics trading Avery Bradley to Pistons for Marcus Morris, Adrian Wojnarowski, ESPN
  16. New Celtics forward Marcus Morris will soon stand trial for attacking man near high school, Alex Reimer, WEEI
  17. 18 states sue Betsy DeVos over student loan protections, Stacy Cowley, The New York Times
  18. Granted house arrest, Venezuela opposition leader vows to fight on, Brian Ellsworth and Alexandra Ulmer, Reuters
  19. Zapatero is back, bitches!, Francisco Toro, Caracas Chronicles
  20. House arrest, Naky Soto, Caracas Chronicles
  21. La revolución contra los pobres: La desigualdad en la era del chavismo, Omar Zambrano, Pro Davinci
  22. Venezuela’s energy policy is its own opposite, Francisco Toro, Caracas Chronicles
  23. The logic of the López measure, David Smilde, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  24. Oil giants lobby against bill to toughen Russia sanctions, Bradley Olson and Peter Nicholas, The Wall Street Journal
  25. IS chief reported dead after jihadists lose Mosul, Maya Gebeily and Tony Gamal-Gabriel, Yahoo!
  26. Trump Jr. was told in email of Russian effort to aid campaign, Matt Apuzzo, Jo Becker, Adam Goldman and Maggie Haberman, The New York Times
  27. La palabra maldita ya se pronuncia en Venezuela: Negociación, Juan Carlos Zapata, Al Navío
  28. How we are ruining America, David Brooks, The New York Times
  29. ¿La JEP sustituye la Constitución? Responde expresidente de la Corte, Maria Isabel Rueda, El Tiempo
  30. The South is our North, Patrick Iber, Jacobin
  31. The Venezuelan dilemma: Progressives and the ‘plauge on both your houses’ position, Steve Ellner, Steve Ellner’s Blog
  32. Marta Lucía Ramírez y la JEP, Ariel Ávila, Semana
  33. 29 generales y coroneles, en la mira de la CPI por ejecuciones extrajudiciales, El Espectador
  34. Uribe propone que militares y civiles salgan de la JEP, El Espectador
  35. Millonaria condena contra la Nación por ‘falso positivo’ en Antioquia, El Espectador
  36. El DIH no es una licencia para matar: Consejo de Estado, Natalia Herrera Durán, El Espectador
  37. The revolution is in the projects – Greenfell tower and the new working class, Katherine Cross, Rewire 
  38. Se agita la contienda por el aval de la Corte Constitucional a la JEP, Semana
  39. ¿La JEP sustituye la Constitución? Responde expresidente de la Corte, María Isabel Rueda, El Tiempo
  40. It’s not just a theory anymore. A huge piece of Antarctica has fallen into the ocean, Eric Holthaus, Mother Jones
  41. Mitch McConnell’s precarious health care balancing act, Tessa Stuart, Rolling Stone
  42. With Constituent Assembly looming, opposition calls a plebiscite, Pastora Sánchez and David Smilde, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  43. Political impact of López house arrest still unclear, Geoff Ramsey and David Smilde, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  44. Venezuelan intellectuals, civil society call for a ‘national agreement’ to resolve the country’s crisis, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  45. Two Big Macs, Francisco Toro, Caracas Chronicles
  46. Whose side is the Clock on, anyway?, José Ramon Morales y Rodrigo Linares, Caracas Chronicles
  47. Shia LeBeouf calls police officer ‘dumb f—‘ in arrest footage, Dixie Limbachia, Yahoo!
  48. Shia LaBeouf ‘deeply ashamed’ of his behavior, Lisa Respers France, CNN
  49. ‘Take off the f*cking burka’: Oregon man nailed for hate crime cries in court after threatening Muslim couple, Bob Brigham, Raw Story
  50. Steve King: Build border wall with funds from Planned Parenthood, food stamps, Robin Eberhardt, The Hill
  51. Trump likely to say Iran complying with nuclear deal: U.S. official, Steve Holland and Jonathan Landay, Reuters
  52. New Senate Republicans healthcare bill already in trouble, Susan Cornwell and Yasmeen Abutaleb, Reuters
  53. Tech giants rally today in support of net neutrality, Thuy Ong, The Verge
  54. Venezuela’s ‘consulta popular:’ Comments so far, David Smilde, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  55. Cuba courted in diplomatic push on Venezuela crisis, John Paul Rathbone, Financial Times
  56. Venezuelan opposition says 7 million vote in anti-Maduro poll, Corina Pons and Brain Ellsworth, Reuters
  57. El precio de la paz en Venezuela, Maria Isabel Puerta Riera, Blog
  58. The good, the bad and the potentially worse, David Smilde, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  59. Trump’s approval stands at 50 percent in the counties that fueled his win, Mark Murray, NBC News
  60. R. Kelly is holding women against their will in a ‘cult’, parents told police, Jim DeRogatis, BuzzFeed
  61. A new round of polls shows that 6 months in to his term, Trump is the most unpopular president in the modern era, Maxwell Tani, Business Insider
  62. ‘Guns are fine — racism is not’: Armed redneck lefties are waging a different kind of war on Fascism, Bob Brigham, Raw Story
  63. Venezuela crisis: 7.2 million reject Maduro plans in protest vote, Geraldine Cols Azocar, Maria Atencio, Melissa Adan, Sandra Lilley, and Alastair Jamieson, NBC News
  64. Jeff Sessions wants police to take more cash from American citizens, Christopher Ingraham, The Washington Post
  65. As paperwork goes missing, private student loan debts may be wiped away, Stacy Cowley and Jessica Silver-Greenberg, The New York Times
  66. Finally, a poll Trump will like: Clinton is even more unpopular, John McCormick, Bloomberg
  67. Trump reacts to Trumpcare failure by revealing he has no clue about Senate rules, Addy Baird, Think Progress
  68. In Congress, obstructionists are obstructing themselves, Editorial Board, The New York Times
  69. Report: Trump dumped Chris Christie over germy Obama phone call proposal, Christina Gregg, AOL
  70. ‘Am I a f*cking baby?’: Report details the moment Trump turned on ex-campaign chairman Paul Manafort, Elizabeth Preza, Raw Story
  71. Robot security guard commits suicide in public fountain, Jake Swearingen, New York Magazine
  72. Colin Kaepernick tweets Stockholm Syndrome definition after Michael Vick advises him to get a haircut, Chuck Schilken, The Los Angeles Times
  73. The Manhattan of Venezuela parties against a backdrop of crisis, Andrew Rosati, Bloomberg
  74. Egleston Square apartment complex construction near Orange Line, Tom Acitelli, Boston Curbed
  75. The paradox of Mexico’s mass graves, Ioan Grillo, The New York Times
  76. Debemos silenciar a Uribe, Jorge Gómez Pinilla, El Espectador
  77. Tillerson to shutter State Department War Crimes Office, Colum Lynch, Foreign Policy
  78. US lawmakers seek to criminally outlaw support for boycott campaign against Israel, Glenn Greenwald and Ryan Grim, The Intercept
  79. Trump ends covert CIA program to arm anti-Assad rebels in Syria, a move sought by Moscow, Greg Jaffe and Adam Entous, The Washington Post
  80. Kris Kobach: ‘We may never know’ if Hillary Clinton won the popular vote (We Know), Marina Fang, The Huffington Post
  81. Supreme Court allows Trump refugee ban but backs broader exemptions for relatives, Robert Barnes, The Washington Post
  82. A coding error led to $30 million in ethereum being stolen, Joon Ian Wong, Quartz
  83. Statement from the International Study and Research Mission, David Smilde, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  84. Ex-officer is indicted on murder charge in killing of black teenager, Serge F. Kovaleski, The New York Times
  85. Officer heard loud noise before partner shot Minneapolis woman, officials say, Julie Bosman, The New York Times
  86. John McCain’s brain cancer diagnosis shakes up Washington, Matt Laslo, Rolling Stone
  87. Citing recusal, Trump says he wouldn’t have hired Sessions, Peter Baker, Michael S. Schmidt, and Maggie Haberman, The New York Times
  88. Mueller expands probe to Trump business transactions, Greg Farrell and Christian Berthelsen, Bloomberg
  89. Lefties: I don’t think we should work with the alt-right, Gallifreyan Jedi, Medium
  90. Santos: “El bien de Venezuela, es el bien de Colombia”, El Universal
  91. Hundreds attend march in honor of woman killed by police, David Caplan, ABC
  92. The millennial left’s war against liberalism, Andrew Hartman, The Washington Post
  93. From Congratulations to Sanctions: International Community Responds to Venezuela’s ‘Consulta Popular’, Geoff Ramsey and David Smilde, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  94. ‘They all deserve to die’: Caracas militants vow to take up arms, Noris Soto, Bloomberg
  95. “Full transparency”: Anthony Scaramucci informs Twitter that he’s deleting old tweets in effort to be transparent, Taylor Link, Salon
  96. Mike Pence cements his Trump bromance with gushing love letter, Rebecca Shapiro, The Huffington Post
  97. Democrats open to single-payer health insurance, a party leader says, Christina Powell, ABC News
  98. The Justice Department may be planning a marijuana crackdown, Chris Morris, Fortune
  99. Millenials of color snubbed Hillary Clinton – and have no regrets, Jonathan Capehart, The Miami Herald
  100. The myth of the ‘Rust-Belt Reactionaries’, Sarah Jaffe and Sharon Smith, Socialist Worker
  101. How to Avoid Civil War in Venezuela, David Smilde, The New York Times
  102. CIA chief hints agency is working to change Venezuelan government, Andrew Buncombe, The Independent
  103. How Trump’s insane cyberbullying of Jeff Sessions could be his undoing, Abigail Tracey, Vanity Fair
  104. Health Care Vote: Senate rejects repeal without replace, Thomas Kaplan and Eileen Sullivan, The New York Times
  105. Trump announces ban on transgender people in US military, Dan Lamothe, The Washington Post
  106. US military spends five times as much on Viagra as it would on transgender troops’ medical care, Christopher Ingraham, The Washington Post
  107. Ivanka opposed Trump’s trans ban — but decided to spend her ‘political capital’ elsewhere: report, Brad Reed, Raw Story
  108. Comandante guerrillero Douglas Bravo: no hay que negociar con el Gobierno sino derrotarlo, Vanessa Davies, Contrapunto
  109. The state of the Resistance, Michael Sandel, Democracy Journal
  110. Venezuela to hold a vote many don’t wants, other don’t understand, Anatoly Kurmanaev, The Wall Street Journal
  111. Venezuela: ¿Se acaba la democracia el domingo?, Irene Ayuso, Metro
  112. MUD convoca tres días de calle contra la Constituyente, El Universal
  113. Prohíben reuniones y manifestaciones públicas entre viernes y martes, El Universal
  114. Study: Half of Boston residents earn less than $35,000 a year, Matt Juul, Boston Magazine
  115. Which way out of the Venezuelan crisis?, George Ciccariello-Maher, Jacobin
  116. They’ve got the bullets, not the votes (11:25pm), Naky Soto, Caracas Chronicles
  117. Cheating at solitaire, Francisco Toro, Caracas Chronicles
  118. Takeaways from the Constituent Assembly election, David Smilde, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  119. Urgente: Un frente anti totalitarista, Nicmer Evans, Aporrea
  120. La verdad del petróleo en Venezuela, El Espectador
  121. Venezuela arrests two opposition leaders hours after US imposes sanctions on President Maduro, Karla Zabludovsky, BuzzFeed
  122. John Kelly, asserting authority, fires Anthony Scaramucci, Michael D. Shear, Glenn Thrush and Maggie Haberman, The New York Times
  123. Pelosi: Questions about future leadership ‘unimportant’, Mallory Shelbourne, The Hill
  124. Report: Trump Cabinet members attend weekly Bible study, Olivia Beavers, The Hill
  125. Marxism, religion and femonationalism: An interview with Sarah Farris, George Souvlis, Historical Materialism


  1. Issue #5 – Not This Time, ROAR
  2. May/June 2017 Issue – Mysterious Machines, MIT Technology Review


  1. Hugo Chávez: Socialist for the Twenty-first Century by Mike Gonzalez. London: Pluto Press.
  2. No Is Not Enough: Resisting Trump’s Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need by Naomi Klein. Chicago: Haymarket Books.
  3. Sin Patrón: Stories from Argentina’s Worker-Run Factories by The Lavaca Collective. Chicago: Haymarket Books.

Radio Interviews and Podcasts

  1. Why Is Maduro Turning Venezuela Into a Cuban-style Pseudo-Democracy?, Background Briefing with Ian Masters
  2. Venezuela: Constitutional vote and civil unrest, WBEZ 91.5 Chicago

YouTube Videos

1. Empire Files: Abby Martin in Venezuela – Supermarkets to Black Markets

2. Amazon and Whole Foods: Food for Thought

3. Empire Files: Constituent Assembly Dictatorship or Democracy in Venezuela?

4. Cryptocurrencies innovations

5. Ravens asked Ray Lewis for advice about Colin Kaepernick – Here is what he told them

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