Media Roundup for August 2017

News Articles

  1. “No hay tregua, va a venir una ola represiva mucho más intensa”, Cope
  2. A la izquierda autónoma y al chavismo crítico: Es hora de la fragua de un nuevo movimiento emancipador, Marea Socialista, Aporrea
  3. A Marxist case for intersectionality, Sharon Smith, Socialist Worker
  4. As U.S. Sanctions Maduro and Hints at Regime Change, a Debate on Resolving the Crisis in Venezuela, Democracy Now!
  5. Ken Livingstone: Venezuela crisis caused by Chávez’s failure to kill oligarchs, Jessica Elgot, The Guardian
  6. Venezuela vote: Turnout figure ‘tampered with’, BBC
  7. ‘This deal will make me look terrible’: Full transcripts of Trump’s calls with Mexico and Australia, Greg Miller, Julie Vitkovskaya and Reuben Fischer-Baum, The Washington Post
  8. Can prison abolition ever be pragmatic?, Nathan J. Robinson, Current Affairs
  9. Justice Dept. to take on affirmative action in college admissions, Charlie Savage, The New York Times
  10. Mexicans react to transcript of Trump call with their president, David Agren and A. Odysseus Patrick, The Washington Post
  11. Do Baltimore police not realize they’re being watched?, The Baltimore Sun
  12. Trump hits new low in polls, Jake Lahut, Politico
  13. Democratic rising star Kamala Harris has a ‘Bernieland’ problem, Andrew Joyce, Mic
  14. Credibility of Venezuela’s electoral process on the line, Jennifer McCoy, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  15. Francisco Rodríguez considera que hay indicios de manipulación de resultado, Maru Morales, El Nacional
  16. Excarcelan a líder opositor venezolano Antonio Ledezma, Deisy Buitrago and Corina Pons, Reuters
  17. La estrategia Trump de Uribe, Juanita Leon, La Silla Vacia
  18. How to keep the FARC guerrillas out of the fight, Oliver Kaplan and Enzo Nussio, The New York Times
  19. Why driverless cars might not hit the road so fast, Scott Nyquist, LinkedIn
  20. An NSC staffer is forced out over a controversial memo, Rosie Gray, The Atlantic
  21. Chavistas disidentes tomarán acciones el próximo lunes contra la ANC, El Nacional
  22. Mercosur le dice adiós a Venezuela, El Espectador
  23. New Venezuela assembly sacks government critic Luisa Ortega, BBC
  24. Venezuela’s ousted Attorney General retreats on a motorbike, Nicholas Casey, The New York Times
  25. Thinking outside the box on Venezuela, Noel Maurer Typepad
  26. Trump wants Afghan commander fired because he’s ‘losing’: report, Rebecca Kheel, The Hill
  27. As Trump takes aim at affirmative action, let’s remember how Jared Kushner got into Harvard, Andrew Prokop, Vox
  28. Murder conviction in Blackwater case thrown out, other sentences overturned, Spencer S. Hsu, The Washington Post
  29. Why does the Trump administration suddenly care so much about Venezuela?, Joshua Keating, Slate
  30. Venezuela quells attack on military base, two killed, Girish Gupta and Alexandra Ulmer, Reuters
  31. Israel to shut Al Jazeera offices and revoke journalists’ credentials, The Independent
  32. Stephen Miller’s strange insult of a reporter is very familiar to white supremacists, Rebekah Entralgo, Think Progress
  33. Black people aren’t keeping white Americans out of college. Rich people are., Christine Emba, The Washington Post
  34. Find out if President Trump would let you immigrate to American, Lisa Marie Segarra and David Johnson, Time
  35. Green Line riders, trolley driver put themselves between woman in hijab and crazed screamer, adamg, Universal Hub
  36. ‘Here there is a chance’: Venezuela crisis triggers exodus to Colombia, Joe Parkin Daniels, The Guardian
  37. A non-debate on the defense of the Constitution, Isabella Picón, Caracas Chronicles
  38. Locker Room Talk: NFL blackballing of Kaepernick is a disgrace, William C. Rhoden, The Undefeated
  39. Trump touts nuclear arsenal in tweets after warning on North Korea, Caitlin Macneal, Talking Points Memo
  40. ‘Totally divided’: how Venezuela’s crisis split the Latin American left, Dom Phillips, Sibylla Brodzinsky, David Agren, Dan Collyns and Uki Goni, The Guardian
  41. No-name US oil driller gets shot at world’s top reserves, David Wethe and Nathan Crooks, Bloomberg
  42. Why Venezuela struggles so hard to avoid default: quick take Q&A, Katia Porzecanski, Bloomberg
  43. White House fights with State over how far to go on Venezuela, Franco Ordonez, McClatchy
  44. Venzuelan civil society opposes economic sanctions, calls for rejection of Constituent Assembly, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  45. Social programs in Venezuela under the chavista governments, Steve Ellner, The Next System Project
  46. Ecuador’s “citizen revolution”, Dana Brown, The Next System Project
  47. Evo’s Bolivia: the Limits of Change, Linda Farthing, The Next System Project
  48. Trump White House weighs unprecedented plan to privatize much of the war in Afghanistan, Jim Michaels, USA Today
  49. In the age of Trump, the dollar no longer seems a sure thing, Peter S. Goodman, The New York Times
  50. Chelsea’s Manning’s uncompromising fight, Vashti Kenway, The Socialist Worker
  51. White Evangelicals are officially less tolerant than Muslims on homosexuality: study, Sarah K. Burris, Raw Story
  52. Trump’s indecision on Afghanistan leaves generals in lurch, Wesley Morgan, Politico
  53. CNN severs ties with Jeffrey Lord, Brian Stelter, CNN
  54. It’s not just Venezuela. Elected governments don’t necessarily defend democracy or protect human rights, Christopher Sabatini and Jimena Galindo, The Washington Post
  55. Venezuela may be on the brink of civil war, Gabriel Hetland, The Nation
  56. Trump: ‘I’m not going to rule out a military option’ in Venezuela, Jacob Pramuk, CNBC
  57. Why Muslim men feel offended and threatened by Muslim women’s interfaith marriage, Orbala, Freedom from the Forbidden
  58. Raiders’ Marshawn Lynch sits during National Anthem before preseason game, Jeremy Woo, Sports Illustrated
  59. ‘I’m not the angry racist they see’: Alt-Righter became viral face of hate in Virginia — and now regrets it, David Edwards, Raw Story
  60. Colombia rechaza ‘medidas militares’ en caso de Venezuela, El Tiempo
  61. Syria’s Assad has become an icon of the far right in America, Liz Sly and Rick Noack, The Washington Post
  62. I went to counterprotest neo-Nazis in Charlottesville. I witnessed carnage, Austin Gonzalez, The Washington Post
  63. Powerful Venezuelan lawmaker may have issued death order against Rubio, Patricia Mazzei, Miami Herald
  64. The world’s duty to Venezuela, Bernard-Henri Levy, Project Syndicate
  65. Sergio Bitar: “Uno no gana con ética en la política, gana con poder”, Hugo Prieto, ProDavinci
  66. Trump’s talk of ‘military option’ on Venezuela threatens regional diplomatic progress, Washington Office on Latin America
  67. American tourist gives Nazi salute in Germany, is beaten up, Associated Press
  68. Well-educated elites are no strangers to white supremacy, Christopher Petrella, The Washington Post
  69. Antes que EEUU invada Venezuela declaremos la Revolución Mundial, Hugo Moyer Agostini, Aporrea
  70. Hip-hop artist recalls his beating in Charlottesville: ‘They were trying to kill me out there’, David S. Cloud, Los Angeles Times
  71. Here’s what really happened in Charlottesville, Blake Montgomery, BuzzFeed
  72. White nationalist Richard Spencer: Trump ‘didn’t condemn us,’ and ‘only a dumb person’ would take his statement seriously, Natasha Bertrand, Business Insider
  73. An image of Revolutionary fire at Charlottesville, Doreen St. Félix, The New Yorker
  74. No more Charlottesvilles, Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, Jacobin
  75. Protesters pull down Confederate statue at old Durham County courthouse, Derrick Lewis and Amy Cutler, CBS North Carolina
  76. Holocaust memorial in Boston vandalized again,
  77. Trump Just Went On An Angry Defense Of The Racists In Charlottesville And Confederate Monuments, Brianna Sacks, Tom Namako, and Adolfo Flores, BuzzFeed
  78. Far-right leaders nixing Boston plans amid backlash, Dan Atkinson, Boston Herald
  79. In stunning turn, President Donald Trump admonishes “alt-left” for violence at Charlottesville, Anthony Smith, Mic
  80. Saudi crown prince wants out of Yemen war, leaked emails reveal, Clayton Swisher and David Hearst, Middle East Eye
  81. Searching for an alternative to coca, Camilo Mejia and Steven Cohen, BBC
  82. Who are the antifa?, Mark Bray, The Washington Post
  83. Trump cuts funds to fight anti-right wing violence, Melanie Zanona, The Hill
  84. David Duke thanks Trump for blaming ‘alt-left’ for Charlottesville, John Bowden, The Hill
  85. ‘The President Was Entirely Correct’, Molly Ball, The Atlantic
  86. Trump dissolves Business Advisory Councils as CEOs quit, Adam Edelman and Stephanie Ruhle, NBC News
  87. Liberals helped create Trump’s new bogeyman, the “Alt-Left”, Sarah Jones, New Republic
  88. CNN ‘analyst’ Michael Weiss hosted anti-Muslim rally with far-right hate queen Pamela Geller, Max Blumenthal, AlterNet
  89. The Trump Doctrine in Latin America, Greg Weeks, Global Americans
  90. The right’s hate won’t go unopposed in Boston, Ryan Gannon, Socialist Worker
  91. Santos calls on international community to step up pressure on Venezuela, Adriaan Alsema, Colombia Reports
  92. Yes, what about the ‘Alt-Left’?, Dahlia Lithwick, Slate
  93. ¡AGÚZATE!, Programa Somos Defensores
  94. US forces to stay in Syria for decades, say militia allies, John Davison, Reuters
  95. Facebook shut down employee chat room over harassing messages, Deepa Seetharaman, The Wall Street Journal
  96. What we know about the ‘free speech’ rally planned this weekend on Boston Common, Nik DeCosta-Klipa, Dialynn Dwyer and John Waller,
  97. Pro-government assembly in Venezuela takes congress’ powers, AP
  98. Trump tells aides he has decided to remove Stephen Bannon, Maggie Haberman, The New York Times
  99. Bannon out: Prepare for war, Ben Shapiro, The Daily Wire
  100. Women say they quit Google because of racial discrimination: ‘I was invisible’, Sam Levin, The Guardian
  101. Mexico’s top diplomat visits Cuba to seek help on Venezuela crisis, Reuters
  102. US government demands details on all visitors to anti-Trump protest website, Julia Carrie Wong and Olivia Solon, The Guardian
  103. ‘He is stubborn and doesn’t realize how bad this is getting’, Nancy Cook and Josh Dawsey, Politico
  104. Exfiscal de Venezuela Luisa Ortega llega a Colombia con su esposo, Reuters
  105. Asamblea Constituyente asume competencias legislativas de la Asamblea Nacional, Ibis Leon, Efecto Cocuyo
  106. Why these counterprotesters denounced hate at the “Free Speech Rally”, Britni de la Cretaz, Teen Vogue
  107. How Trump ruined my relationship with my white mother, Panama Jackson, The Root
  108. Bannon Was Set for a Graceful Exit. Then Came Charlottesville, Jeremy W. Peters and Maggie Haberman, The New York Times
  109. Steve Bannon reportedly wants Priebus to testify to Mueller that Jared Kushner was behind Comey’s firing, Sonam Sheth, Business Insider
  110. Far-right student leaving BU for Ala. to be with ‘more like-minded people’, Dugan Arnett, Boston Globe
  111. A random guy poured coffee all over Alex Jones, Gabrielle Bruney, Esquire
  112. ‘Apparently my haircut is considered a neo-Nazi statement’: Colorado man escapes knife attack after being confused for a fascist, Joe Barracato, Raw Story
  113. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin just put out a statement about why he hasn’t quit in disgust, Dara Lind, Vox
  114. Secret Service depletes funds to pay agents because of Trump’s frequent travel, large family, Kevin Johnson, USA Today
  115. A most American terrorist: The making of Dylann Roof, Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah, GQ
  116. ESPN pulls Asian-American announcer from Virginia football game because he has a Confederate general’s name, Fox News
  117. Progressives prepare to serve Bernie Sanders petition to start new party, Michael Sainato, Observer
  118. The insidious Libertarian-to-Alt-Right pipeline, Matt Lewis, The Daily Beast
  119. Prisoner almost executed before new DNA test saved his life, Emilie Plesset, The Daily Beast
  120. Even with affirmative action, Blacks and Hispanics are more underrepresented at top colleges than 35 years ago, Jeremy Ashkenas, Haeyoun Park and Adam Pearce, The New York Times
  121. McConnell, in private, doubts if Trump can save presidency, Alexander Burns and Jonathan Martin, The New York Times
  122. Syria opposition told to come to terms with Assad’s survival, Zeina Karam, AP
  123. La fiscal rebelde de Venezuela acusa a Maduro y su ‘número dos’ de cobrar sobornos millonarios, Afonso Benites, El Pais
  124. Jaylen Brown says Celtics fans burning Isaiah Thomas’ jersey is ‘pathetic’, Mike Chiari, Bleacher Report
  125. Doubling down on (dys)functional price controls, Anabella Abadi M, Caracas Chronicles
  126. More US-Venezuela sanctions brewing, David Smilde, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  127. More evidence Exxon misled the public about Climate Change, Rebecca Leber, Wired
  128. Trump’s border wall could cause a government shutdown, Matt Fuller, The Huffington Post
  129. People are fleeing Trump’s side in artful fashion, Charles P. Pierce, Esquire
  130. A Federal Judge put hundreds of immigrants behind bars while her husband invested in private prisons, Samantha Michaels, Mother Jones
  131. Virginia judge denies bail to crying neo-Nazi Christopher Cantwell, Eric W. Dolan, Raw Story
  132. Franken seen as reluctant 2020 candidate, Amie Parnes and Devin Henry, The Hill
  133. Chechen leader Kadyrov presses divorcees to reunite, BBC

  134. Trump pardons Joe Arpaio, who became face of crackdown on illegal immigration, Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Maggie Haberman, The New York Times
  135. Catastrophic flooding ‘beyond anything experienced’ in Houston and ‘expected to worsen’, Jason Samenow, Angela Fritz and Greg Porter, The Washington Post
  136. Texas officials say at least nine dead as Harvey flooding continues, Kevin Sullivan and Mark Berman, The Washington Post
  137. A man who claimed he was stabbed after being mistaken for a neo-Nazi was lying, Nidhi Prakash, BuzzFeed
  138. Trump to reverse ban on local police using military equipment, Jacqueline Thomsen, The Hill
  139. La primera ley de la Constituyente: Prevenir el escrache y el odio en las redes sociales, Aporrea
  140. Is Trump’s response to Hurricane Harvey enough?, Josh Dawsey, Politico
  141. Cocaína colombiana representa el 92 % de lo incautado en EEUU, El Tiempo
  142. El Acuerdo de Paz, a paso lento, El Espectador
  143. TLV: PARTS I, II, AND III, Sumaiya Zama
  144. Trump frustration with Tillerson rising fast, Jonathan Swan, Axios
  145. Video shows man shooting at crowd during Charlottesville rally, with no police response, Carla Herreria, The Huffington Post
  146. Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck, Jessica Dickler, CNBC
  147. Oklahoma Police Chief set to quit after being linked to neo-Nazi websites, Tom Porter, Newsweek
  148. When Nazis filled Madison Square Garden, Gordon F. Sander, Politico
  149. Floods kill over 1,200 in India, Nepal and Bangladesh, al-Jazeera
  150. ICE plans to start destroying records of immigrant abuse, including sexual assault and deaths in custody, Victoria Lopez, ACLU
  151. Study: a universal basic income would grow the economy, Dylan Matthews, Vox
  152. The solution to our housing crisis is to let communities own property, Michelle Chen, The Nation
  153. Trump’s shrinking West Wing, Annie Karni, Politico
  154. Chris Christie: Ted Cruz is ‘dead wrong’ for defending Superstorm Sandy vote, Katie Reilly, Time
  155. A Cultural Sociological take on the Venezuela Conflict, David Smilde, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  156. ‘Hope is gone’ as Venezuelan protesters vanish from streets, Ryan Dube, The Wall Street Journal
  157. Longing for spring: Will democracy return to Venezuela in 2018?, Andrés Cañizález, Global Americans
  158. The Hour of Liberation has arrived, Elías Jaua Milano, TeleSur
  159. Venezuela’s future, Greg Weeks, Two Weeks Notice
  160. Venezuela’s path to a debt restructuring grows more treacherous, Robin Wigglesworth, Financial Times
  161. America sanctioned Venezuela. Then it offered $5 million in aid to Harvey victims, Amanda Erickson, The Washington Post
  162. White nationalists are flocking to genetic ancestry tests. Some don’t like what they find, Eric Boodman, Stat
  163. I was a mercenary. Trust Me: Erik Prince’s plan is garbage, Sean McFate, Politico
  164. Christian socialism: does left-wing Christianity exist in British politics, Anthony AJ Williams, London School of Economics and Political Science

Radio Interviews and Podcasts

  1. Venezuela slips deeper into political chaos, The Takeaway
  2. Pyongyang and the White House Gang, Intercepted Podcast
  3. Atlas Golfed – US-backed think tanks target Latin America, Intercepted Podcast
  4. Episode 39: Muslim immigration to Argentina, Understanding Latin American Politics
  5. Venezuelan protests simmer, but the ‘Resistance’ is still alive, NPR
  6. Punching Nazis, Delete Your Account
  7. Historian Mark Bray explores Antifa’s roots, KQED Radio


  1. Women and Socialism: Class, Race and Capital by Sharon Smith. Chicago: Haymarket Books.
  2. The Essential Rosa Luxemburg: Reform or Revolution and the Mass Strike by Rosa Luxemburg. Chicago: Haymarket Books.
  3. El olvido que seremos by Héctor Abad Faciolince. Barcelona: Seix Barral Biblioteca Breve.

YouTube Videos

1. How American Game Companies Avoid Paying Income Tax

2. Charlottesville: Race and Terror

3. Wilkerson: Trump has no business threatening Venezuela

4. Reality-based economics with renegade economist, Kate Raworth

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