Media Roundup for February 2019

News Articles

  1. Cuba without the Castros, Andrés Pertierra, Dissent
  2. Patriots owner praises Trump for working for country’s ‘best interests’, Rachel Frazin, The Hill
  3. Booker announces White House bid, Lisa Hagen and Morgan Gstalter, The Hill
  4. Middle school students ask about Rosa Luxemburg, Paul Le Blanc, Socialist Worker
  5. The subways should be free, Christopher Baum, Socialist Worker
  6. NPR: Venezuela’s opposition leader, US embark on risky strategy for military uprising, David Smilde, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  7. Venezuela’s Guaido seeks talks with China, morning post reports, Stanley James, Bloomberg
  8. Tekashi 6ix9ine pleads guilty to nine criminal counts, details emerge, Emmanuel Maduakolam, Hypebeast
  9. Patriots owner praises Trump for working for country’s ‘best interests’, Rachel Frazin, The Hill
  10. Crypto exchange says it can’t repay $190 million to clients after founder dies with only password, Tom McKay, Gizmodo
  11. Egypt to consider longer presidential term, Mohamed Abdellah, Reuters
  12. One of the biggest at-home DNA testing companies is working with the FBI, Salvador Hernandez, BuzzFeed
  13. US food aid as a foreign policy tool in Venezuela, Greg Weeks, Two Weeks Notice
  14. Anthony Davis’ league-shaking trade request has thrown a wrench in the Celtics’ master plan, Scott Davis, Business Insider
  15. Are Brown and Rozier back on track?, CLNS_Nick, Celtics Blog
  16. Sold to an ally, lost to an enemy, Nima Elbagir, Salma Abdelaziz, Mohamed Abo El Gheit and Laura Smith-Spark, CNN
  17. We may finally see Trump’s tax returns, and Republicans are panicking, Paul Waldman, The Washington Post
  18. Las fallas de origen de las democracias liberales, Ariel Ávila, El Pais
  19. Río Cauca está bajando un centímetro cada dos minutos, Vanesa Restrepo, El Colombiano
  20. Juan Guaido will open up oil deals to foreign private companies, opposition leader’s US envoy says, Tom Embury-Dennis, The Independent
  21. What’s next for Venezuela as US and opposition reject negotiations aimed to end crisis peacefully?, DemocracyNow!
  22. Trial of El Chapo highlights failure of US War on Drugs, but will US ever be held to account?, DemocracyNow!
  23. Tulsi Gabbard Insists Syrian Dictator Assad is ‘Not the Enemy of the United States’ to Baffled Morning Joe Panel, Ken Meyer, Mediaite
  24. Venezuela and the left, Gabriel Hetland, Jacobin
  25. European Union proposes International Contact Group, David Smilde, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  26. North Korea calls Trump administration racist billionaires’ club, Christina Zhao and Reuters, Newsweek
  27. Venezuela-Colombia bridge blocked to keep out humanitarian aid, David Papadopoulos, Bloomberg
  28. Firm founded by Trump inaugural chair sought to use admin, foreign connections for profit, Michael Burke, The Hill
  29. ¿Qué hay de positivo y de negativo en crear una red de informantes?, El Tiempo
  30. Duque to revive controversial civilian informant network, Adriaan Alsema, Colombia Reports
  31. Colombia makes peace talks with ELN illegal, demobilization of armed groups virtually impossible, Adriaan Alsema, Colombia Reports
  32. The cherry on EPM’s disaster pie: Colombia’s second largest river dries up, Adriaan Alsema, Colombia Reports
  33. Unemployment in Colombia in 2018 reached highest level since 2012, Adriaan Alsema, Colombia Reports
  34. Government ‘obstructed justice’ in FARC leader’s extradition case: Colombia’s war crimes tribunal, Adriaan Alsema, Colombia Reports
  35. US did receive request for evidence in FARC leader extradition case, Stephen Gill, Colombia Reports
  36. Y Duque hizo trizas los protocolos, Víctor de Currea-Lugo, Pacifista
  37. Corte Suprema admite a Cepeda como víctima en proceso contra Uribe, El Colombiano
  38. Uribe, a juicio, Hector Riveros, La Silla Vacia
  39. US in direct contact with Venezuelan military, urging defections, Luc Cohen, Matt Spetalnick, and Roberta Rampton, Reuters
  40. What Venezuelans think about Trump’s intervention plan, Robert Malley and Robert Fadel, The Atlantic
  41. Neocon-led US Venezuela policy, rhetoric trigger deja vu effect, DW
  42. Bipartisan Venezuela legislation fizzles over use of military force, Leigh Ann Caldwell, NBC News
  43. US sanctions are aimed at Venezuela’s oil. Its citizens may suffer first, Anatoly Kurmanaev and Clifford Krauss, The New York Times
  44. How Washington funded the counterrevolution in Venezuela, Rebecca Hanson and Tim Gill, The Nation
  45. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sheds tear, says ‘we are standing on native land’ as she calls to defund ICE, Jessica Kwong, Newsweek
  46. Candace Owens: Hitler was ‘ok’ until he tried to go global, Will Sommer, The Daily Beast
  47. Venezuela’s Maduro is doomed? They said that about Syria’s Assad, Ethan Bronner, Bloomberg
  48. ‘Dangerous territory’ for Democrats as Republicans seize Venezuela moment in Miami, Patricia Mazzei, The New York Times
  49. Positive neutrality: can the Vatican be effective in Venezuela?, Hugo Pérez Hernáiz, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  50. Open letter from Peace and Non-violence activists and organizations from Venezuela to our friends throughout the world, Perdido en Itaca
  51. Ilhan Omar ignites new anti-Semitism controversy with comments on AIPAC, John Bresnahan, Politico
  52. Omar apologizes after Dem leaders blast tweets as ‘anti-Semitic’, Cristina Marcos, The Hill
  53. Weaponization and oversimplification of Israel debate must end, J Street
  54. Netflix’s Siempre Bruja conjures up racist tropes it’s not equipped to address, Kayla Sutton, AV TV Club
  55. Netflix’s Siempre Bruja is frothy, fun and entirely too facile for 2019, Alexis Gunderson, Paste Magazine
  56. Cuba charges U.S. moving special forces, preparing Venezuelan intervention, Reuters
  57. Venezuelan opposition urges international community to help aid get in, Reuters
  58. Venezuela’s popular sectors and the future of a country, Rebecca Hanson and Francisco Sánchez, NACLA
  59. LASA Dialogues: How did the opposition become energized again, David Smilde, Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights
  60. China talks with Venezuela opposition to protect investments, Kejal Vyas, The Wall Street Journal
  61. Revolt at American University where Pompeo addressed Middle East, Declan Walsh, The New York Times
  62. El-Sisi may rule Egypt until 2034 under parliamentary plan, Declan Walsh, The New York Times
  63. Después de llamar “putas” a petristas, Ignacio Greiffenstein renunció a su cargo en la Presidencia, Semana
  64. La Casa Blanca le cambia el nombre al presidente Duque, Caracol
  65. FARC leader Timochenko first to testify before Colombia’s war crimes tribunal, Jake Kincaid, Colombia Reports
  66. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: marijuana prohibition hit Black and Latino people hardest so they should profit from legalization first, Shane Croucher, Newsweek
  67. Trump will declare a state of emergency to fund border wall, McConnel says, Matt Laslo, Vice News
  68. Trump says he didn’t need to declare national emergency for border wall, John Haltiwanger, Business Insider
  69. Jayson Tatum on Boston: ‘I want to play there my whole career’, John Tomase, WEEI
  70. US masses aid along Venezuelan border as some humanitarian groups warn of risks, John Otis, NPR
  71. Proposal to end the crisis in Venezuela, The Guardian
  72. Republicans hope to sway voters with labels that demonize Democrats, Sheryl Gay Stolberg, The New York Times
  73. What did Elliott Abrams have to do with the El Mozote massacre, Raymond Bonner, The Atlantic
  74. Trump’s irresponsible Venezuela speech, Daniel Larison, The American Conservative
  75. Fiscal general le pide a Iván Duque objetar ley estatutaria de la JEP, El Espectador
  76. Americanizing the Venezuelan crisis, Greg Weeks, Two Weeks Notice
  77. Alabama newspaper editor calls for Klan return to ‘clean out D.C.’, Melissa Brown, Montgomery Advertiser
  78. Bernie Sanders announces presidential run, calls Trump ‘an embarrassment’, Arit John, Bloomberg
  79. Sanders campaign takes aim at doubters who say he’s too extreme to win, Holly Otterbein, Politico
  80. Sanders campaign reports raising $4M in less than a day, Tal Axelrod, The Hill
  81. Jussie Smollett charged with filing a false report, BBC
  82. Malcolm X at Oxford: ‘They’re going to kill me soon’, Tariq Ali, The Guardian
  83. “Tell Me How This Ends”, Charles Glass, Harper’s Magazine
  84. As Maduro holds on, Venezuela opposition eyes negotiated transition, Brian Ellsworth and Sarah Marsh, Reuters
  85. Venezuela’s ex-spy chief rejects Maduro, accusing leader’s inner circle of corruption, Ana Vanessa Herrero and Nicholas Casey, The New York Times
  86. Vice President Mike Pence will go to Colombia to demand Maduro step down, Francisco Ordoñez, McClatchy
  87. Maduro closes Venezuela-Brazil border, Bloomberg
  88. Meeting the needs of suffering Venezuelans will require expertise and commitment to humanitarian principles, Washington Office on Latin America
  89. El rencauche de los parapolíticos en el Cesar, Ariel Ávila, Semana
  90. ‘He is not going to be the nominee’: Dems slam Sanders over Maduro stance, Marc Caputo, Politico
  91. Sanders has a soft spot for Latin American strongmen, León Krauze, Slate
  92. High noon over humanitarian aid at Venezuela’s border, International Crisis Group
  93. When humanitarian aid is used as a weapon to bring down regimes, Dylan Baddour, The Atlantic
  94. Venezuela has seen major protests before. Why is this moment different?, Leila Miller, Los Angeles Times
  95. There is Venezuela consensus: Trump not following it, Greg Weeks, Two Weeks Notice
  96. Beyond the nation state: a critical look at Venezuela’s current crisis, Brooke Anderson and Mateo Nube, Movement Generation
  97. Democrats are invoking FDR in their Green New Deal. It’s historically misleading, Chales Lane, The Washington Post
  98. EE. UU. aprueba extradición de Andrés Felipe Arias a Colombia, Pulzo
  99. Amazon is the invisible backbone behind ICE’s immigration crackdown, Karen Hao, MIT Technology Review
  100. New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft charged with solicitation of prostitution, Rachel Katz, Emily Shapiro and Kelly McCarthy, ABC News
  101. What we know about Patriots owner’s sex solicitation allegations, Tom Schad, USA Today
  102. Tostao, de Chocquibtown, pide concierto solidario para comunidades pobres en Colombia, Pulzo
  103. I’m Venezuelan, I’m a progressive and I want to see Maduro go, Pilar Marrero, Latino Rebels
  104. Venezuela Aid Live, el jaque en el cerco diplomático a Maduro, Jineth Prieto, La Silla Vacia
  105. Lo bueno, lo malo y lo feo de la educación en el Plan de Desarrollo, Sandra García, La Silla Vacia
  106. So you think you know Marcus Smart, Mirin Fader, Bleacher Report
  107. Booker: We want Amazon’s ‘HQ2’ in Newark, Emily Birnbaum, The Hill
  108. Cruz Roja aclara que ayudas que llegarán desde EE.UU. no son humanitarias, Jairo Tarazona, RCN
  109. Amid chaos and defiance, Venezuelan opposition faces off against security forces as Maduro digs in, Mariana Zuniga, Anthony Faiola and Dylan Baddour, The Washington Post
  110. Chocó, en emergencia tras el desbordamiento de cinco ríos, El Espectador
  111. El 75% de los trabajadores de Colombia son informales: Mintrabajo, La W
  112. How Mike Pence wields foreign policy power, Jonathan Swan, Axios
  113. Inside Trump’s Venezuela pivot, Jonathan Swan, Axios
  114. Will Maduro’s supporters abandon him?, Ivan Briscoe, Foreign Affairs
  115. Thinking about the unthinkable: US military intervention in Venezuela, Adam Isacson, Adam Isacson Blog
  116. ‘Socialism and communism on display’: Fox News host rips Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s decision to pay staff ‘living wage’, David Matthews, New York Daily News
  117. Uribe dice no a una intervención militar en Venezuela, Marcela Puentes, Blu Radio
  118. South America’s Prosur: The answer to a question nobody asked, Bruno Binetti, Americas Quarterly
  119. Has Maduro made it easier for his enemies, Sofia Arias, Socialist Worker
  120. Venezuela’s political crisis is affecting arepas and driving people to protest, NPR
  121. Lorent Saleh fue detenido el pasado sábado por la Policía Nacional, Ana María Cuesta, La W
  122. Bad takes on Venezuela, Greg Weeks, Two Weeks Notice
  123. Brazil’s new right-wing government asks schools to read out Bolsonaro slogan, Reuters
  124. Ministro da Educação admite ter errado ao pedir que escolas filmem crianças cantando hino, Folha de S. Paulo
  125. Is Political Science relevant?, Greg Weeks, Two Weeks Notice
  126. New archaeological evidence for the Kaaba, Sanctuary of Peace, in early Islam, Juan Cole, Informed Comment
  127. Bolivia’s problem is macroeconomics, not socialism, Noah Smith, Bloomberg
  128. The magical thinking of guys who love logic, Aisling McCrea, The Outline


  1. Podcast episode 62: Understanding the Venezuelan CrisisUnderstanding Latin American Politics
  2. Venezuela clashes amid intensified sanctions, Steve Bynum, WBEZ 91.5


  1. The FARC: The Longest Insurgency by Garry Leech. London: Zed Books.
  2. Why Marx Was Right by Terry Eagleton. New Haven: Yale University Press.

YouTube Videos

1. America’s cocaine habit fueled its migrant crisis

2. Salvar a Venezuela o Colombia?

3. Origins of Cameroon’s anglophone crisis

4. This is not humanitarian aid: A Maduro critic in Venezuela slams US plan to push regime change

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