Media Roundup for April 2019

News Articles

  1. America would run out of avocados in three weeks if Trump shuts down the U.S.-Mexico border, NBC News
  2. Avocado shortages and price spikes: how Trump’s border closing would hit US, Ana Swanson, The New York Times
  3. Erdoğan’s grip on Turkey slips as opposition makes election gains, Bethan McKernan, The Guardian
  4. Bernie holds double-digit lead over 2020 rivals among young Democratic voters, Jon Queally, Common Dreams
  5. Ohioans might vote on issue to give presidency to national popular vote winner, Randy Ludlow, The Columbus Dispatch
  6. Maduro loyalists strip Venezuela’s Juan Guaido of immunity, Scott Smith, AP
  7. Corporate executives must face jail time for overseeing massive scams, Elizabeth Warren, The Washington Post
  8. US aid cuts will spur Central America migration, experts say, Marcos Aleman, AP
  9. Julián Castro wants to radically restrict immigration enforcement, Dara Lind, Vox
  10. Fox News to host town hall with Bernie Sanders, Marisa Fernandez, Axios
  11. Venezuela’s slums are turning on Maduro – but Guaidó faces uphill battle, Tom Phillips and Patricia Torres, The Guardian
  12. Venezuela’s power struggle reaches a tense stalemate,as human suffering deepens, David Smilde, The Conversation
  13. Documento secreto: asesores de Maduro en seguridad le recomendaron infiltrar la Minga en Colombia, Semana
  14. Gobierno no tiene pruebas de que Maduro haya infiltrado minga indígena, Oriana Garcés, La W
  15. Ilhan Omar tells Ava Duvernay about the (good) trouble she’s making in Congress, Interview Magazine
  16. Bernie Sanders is the most popular 2020 candidate among Hispanic voters, Aída Chávez, The Intercept
  17. Netanyahu says will begin annexing West Bank if he wins Israel election, Haaretz
  18. ‘El uribismo promueve odio y racismo contra la minga’: líderes indígenas, Edinson Arley Bolaños, El Espectador
  19. Gentil Duarte’s master plan to reunite Colombia’s FARC dissidents, Maria Alejandra Navarrete Forero, InSight Crime
  20. Lo que dice Uribe de sus polémicos trinos sobre la minga, El Tiempo
  21. ‘El gobierno y el país nos están dando la espalda’: campesinos del sur de Córdoba, Laura Sierra Musse, Pacifista
  22. ¿Por qué quieren silenciarme?, Daniel Coronell, Semana
  23. Brazil’s Bolsonaro says working with US to sow ‘dissent’ in Venezuela armyReuters
  24. ONIC responsabiliza a Uribe de lo que le pueda suceder a la minga, Paula Bolívar, La W
  25. Why thousands of Colombians are blocking the Pan-American highway, Hanna Wallis, The New Republic
  26. Algeria in revolt: ‘we woke up and you will pay’, Hamza Hamouchene, ROAR
  27. Congress should use its leverage over Egypt’s al-Sisi on human rights, Phillippe Nassif, The Hill
  28. Trump had no problem with Iran’s Revolutionary Guard when he was doing business with its associates, Bess Levin, Vanity Fair
  29. Trump raises the stakes against Iran, but why?, Ishaan Tharoor, The Washington Post
  30. Lynn becomes first Mass. city to end veteran homelessness, Chantee Lans, CBS Boston
  31. Donald Trump cancels deal allowing MLB teams to sign Cuban players, Rob Goldberg, Bleacher Report
  32. Privileged, Kyle Korver, The Players’ Tribune
  33. Without water, Venezuela’s central bank sent workers home, sources say, Patricia Laya and Alex Vasquez, Bloomberg
  34. Ilhan Omar straight-up called Stephen Miller a white nationalist, Rex Santus, Vice
  35. Lawmakers implore Trump administration to sanction China over abuse of Muslims, CBS News
  36. La oposición en Colombia, Ariel Ávila, El Pais
  37. Will pressure bring down Venezuela’s government, Ivan Briscoe, Crisis Group
  38. People can’t stop talking about this iconic photo from the protests in Sudan, Tamerra Griffin, BuzzFeed
  39. First ever black hole image released, Pallab Ghosh, BBC
  40. El precedente de violencia de las elecciones regionales, El Tiempo
  41. Julian Assange arrested at Ecuadorian embassy in London, Caroline Davies, David Crouch, Kate Lyons and Damien Gayle, The Guardian
  42. Sudan ruler Omar al-Bashir removed as president and arrested by military, Borzou Daragahi, The Independent
  43. El informe secreto de la cita frustrada entre Duque y los indígenas, Semana
  44. How Twitter and other social media can draw the US into foreign interventions, Eleonora Mattiacci, The Conversation
  45. Egypt withdraws from U.S.-led anti-Iran security initiative, Stephen Kalin and Jonathan Landay, Reuters
  46. Stop & Shop workers walk out after negotiation impasse, Travis Andersen and Martin Finucane, The Boston Globe
  47. Consejo de Estado tumba elección de Mockus como congresista, Johana Rodriguez, La FM
  48. How far-right extremists abroad have adopted Trump’s symbols as their own, Nick Robins-Early, The Huffington Post
  49. Corte Suprema define el futuro de un testigo clave contra Álvaro Uribe, El Espectador
  50. Trump critica a Duque y acusa a Colombia de enviar criminales a EEUU, Caracol
  51. Can the Bolivarian revolution survive the Venezuelan crisis?, ROAR
  52. Sudan and Algeria’s dilemma: How to avoid turning into Egypt, Ishaan Tharoor, The Washington Post
  53. Fortress America in the Middle East: Academic freedom at the American University in Cairo, Karim Maged Malak, The London School of Economics
  54. Trump goes from ‘I love WikiLeaks’ to ‘I know nothing about WikiLeaks’, Jennifer Epstein, Bloomberg
  55. US gave verbal pledge of no death penalty for Assange, Taha Palmeri and Aicha el-Hammar Castano, ABC News
  56. Notre Dame spire and roof collapse as fire rages at iconic cathedral in Paris, CBS News
  57. Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa mosque fire burns at the same time as flame engulf Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, Tom O’Connor, Newsweek
  58. Michele Bachmann: Donald Trump is the ‘most godly and biblical president in our lifetimes’, Sky Palma, Dead State
  59. Yemeni bodegas boycott New York Post over attacks on Ilhan Omar, Lois Beckett, The Guardian
  60. Short of electricity, food and water, Venezuelans return to religion, Arelis R. Hernández and Mariana Zúñiga, The Washington Post
  61. Juan Guaidó: “La intervención militar está descartada en Venezuela”, Ludmila Vinogradoff, Clarin
  62. Santos como expresidente tiene mejor imagen que Uribe (y que Duque), Pulzo
  63. “No voy a participar en un frente político en contra de Uribe”: Fajardo, según WikiLeaks, Semana
  64. Peru’s ex-president Alan Garcia shoots himself before arrestBloomberg
  65. The Green New Deal is more than a resolution – it’s a revolution, Edward J. Markey, The Boston Globe
  66. Nancy Pelosi: Glass of water could take districts like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s – ‘that’s not where we have to win the election’, Shane Croucher, Newsweek
  67. Notre Dame Cathedral fire spurs Islamophobic conspiracy theories on social media, Ben Collins, NBC News
  68. Trump vetoes measure to end U.S. involvement in Yemen war, NBC News
  69. “El problema del país es estar tomando una posición respecto a Uribe”: Sergio Fajardo, El Espectador
  70. Las miserias de la diplomacia colombiana, Ariel Ávila, El Pais
  71. En Colombia, el presidente Duque no hace caso a los reclamos de la minga indígena, Virginie Laurent, NACLA
  72. Peru’s ex-president dies in suicide as police raid his home, John Quigley and Daniela Guzman, Bloomberg
  73. Peru’s ex-president Garcia kills himself to avoid arrest in Odebrecht probe, Mitra Taj and Marco Aquino, Reuters
  74. Community owned grocery store in Providence sets opening date, Sofia Rudin, The Public’s Radio
  75. Noam Chomsky: The Green New Deal is exactly the right idea, Democracy Now
  76. Salvatore Mancuso se acogió a la JEP, La W
  77. Coronell, Vladdo, Faciolince y otros, ¿Por qué mienten contra Petro?, Epicuro de Samos, Contra Cara
  78. Militia in New Mexico detains asylum seekers at gunpoint, Simon Romero, The New York Times
  79. FBI arrests leader of right-wing militia that detained migrants in New Mexico, Simon Romero, The New York Times
  80. Kentucky Republicans worried inviting AOC to meet with coal miners might backfire, Luke Darby, GQ
  81. ‘Stop Sanders’ Democrats are agonizing over his momentum, Jonathan Martin, The New York Times
  82. Bernie Sanders vs. a Clinton loyalist, Elizabeth Williamson and Kenneth P. Vogel, The New York Times
  83. 3 winners and 3 losers from the Mueller report, Dylan Matthews and Zack Beauchamp, Vox
  84. Trump speaks with Libya warlord Haftar, in sign of US support, al-Monitor
  85. 2019 World Press Freedom Index, Reporters Without Borders
  86. Iván Duque, el presidente regañado, Omar Rincón, The New York Times
  87. Columna en NYT señala a Duque como el “presidente regañado” y el “hijo sonso”, Juan Martin Caballero, Colombiano Indignado
  88. Rep. Ilhan Omar: Legalize marijuana nationwide, expunge criminal records of those jailed for pot offenses, Chris Morran, Newsweek
  89. Is the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’ politically diverse?, Uri Harris, Quillette
  90. These are the U.S. states most and least dependent on the federal government, Adriana Belmonte, Yahoo! Finance
  91. ‘Las Farc nunca estuvieron derrotadas militarmente’, Javier Forero, El Tiempo
  92. Elizabeth Warren just vowed to scrap student-loan debt for 42 million Americans, Allana Akhtar, Business Insider
  93. Sri Lanka Muslims had warned officials about group behind attack, Iain Marlow, Bloomberg
  94. Saudi Arabia: 37 put to death in shocking execution spree, Amnesty International
  95. I was Bernie’s biggest critic in 2016 – I’ve changed my mind, Peter Daou, The Nation
  96. Trump’s misguided policies are a gift to Venezuela’s Maduro, Shannon O’Neil, Bloomberg
  97. Se somete a la JEP, General Mario Montoya, investigado por ‘falsos positivos’, Voces
  98. Ángela María Robledo pierde curul de congresista por doble militancia, La FM
  99. Consejo de Estado saca del Congreso a Ángela María Robledo, Semana
  100. Joe Scarborough slams Trump for inciting White Nationalist violence: Blood ‘is on your hands’, Olivia Messer, The Daily Beast
  101. Middlesex and Suffolk DAs sue ICE, Sarah Betancourt, Commonwealth Magazine
  102. US Uber drivers plan 12-hour shutdown over pay and conditions, BBC
  103. Socialists win in Spanish election; far-right party gains seats for first time, Matthew S. Schwartz, NPR
  104. Las raíces económicas de la corrupción en Latinoamérica, Jorge Galindo, El Pais
  105. Colombia’s constitutional court believes phones and offices are bugged, Adriaan Alsema, Colombia Reports
  106. First politician allowed into Colombia’s war crimes tribunal; at least 40 to follow, Jake Kincaid, Colombia Reports
  107. Marx deserves better critics, Ben Burgis, Quillette
  108. Venezuela’s Guaidó appeals to military ‘at air force base’, BBC
  109. Blackwater founder’s latest sales pitch – mercenaries for Venezuela, Aram Roston and Matt Spetalnick, Reuters
  110. Wall Street Democrats are absolutely freaking out about their 2020 candidates, Gabriel Debenedetti, New York Magazine
  111. Alleged Chabad shooter credits racist New Zealand attack as inspiration… but Ted Cruz and McCain blame Ilhan Omar, Allison Deger, Mondoweiss
  112. Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó has launched a military uprising to topple Maduro, Alex Ward, Vox
  113. Ángela Robledo, rumbo a ser anunciada como candidata de Petro en Bogotá, Angel Ocampo Rodriguez, La FM
  114. Colombia’s opposition wants defense minister sacked for trying to cover up murder, Jake Kincaid, Colombia Reports


  1. In the Name of Women’s Rights: The Rise of Femonationalism by Sara R. Harris. London: Duke University Press.


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