Monthly Media Roundups

A few years ago, when I started to consume news on a daily basis, a very straightforward thought occurred to me: I should begin to keep an archive of all the articles I read.

It is quite practical to do this on my blog so, on the first of each month, I will make a post with what I have read for the day and will update the post daily with new reading material. Making this list will make me more cognizant on where I get my news from and lets me know where I should diversify.

The monthly roundups will include news articles, academic journals, reports, and books I have read and YouTube videos I have watched for that month.

I do watch an endless amount of news-related YouTube videos – with Secular Talk, The Young Turks, The Real News Network, and The Laura Flanders Show being my go-to channels – so the videos I share on my blog will be ones that I find especially informative. 

Media Roundup for January 2016
Media Roundup for February 2016